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South Carolina college student and stepfather fatally shot in head following car accident


This is absolutely heartwrenching.

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Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, and his stepdaughter Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, were shot and killed following a car accident on Monday in Georgetown, South Carolina. A third shooting victim, Paul McConnell, survived the road rage attack, according to WPDE-TV.

The Georgetown County Sheriff's Office identified the suspect as Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, from Moncks Corner.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. on Aug. 24 when the stepfather went to deliver keys to Anderson after she accidentally locked herself out of her newly purchased home. She had just moved in and was selling an old set of bunk beds to someone online, who was coming over to pick up the items.

Wall's car was allegedly rear-ended as he turned into the driveway of Anderson's home. Walters reportedly got out of his vehicle and shot Wall, Anderson, and McConnell.

"It actually happened in her yard, waiting for the keys to get to her," Lynn Lambert, a close friend of the family, told WPDE-TV.

According to WB-TV, when law enforcement arrived at the scene, one of the victims had already been taken to the hospital, and a second was being given CPR by an emergency medical technician. McConnell was walking around with a gunshot wound to his left wrist. Wall was shot at least twice in the head and torso, Fox News reported. Anderson was shot at least once in the head.

Walters allegedly fled the scene by foot and ran into the woods. Police immediately established a perimeter and apprehended Walters around 6:30 p.m., according to the Georgetown Times' Post and Courier.

Walters was charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and the illegal possession of a firearm. He was denied bail by the judge.

"I don't understand how a simple fender bender they called it could turn into double murder and an attempted murder," Lambert said. "Why? I honestly didn't think it was real. Who does this?"

"She was so sweet, always smiling, would do anything for anybody," she said of Anderson.

"She wanted to be a teacher like her mama. She was getting ready to start school. She was getting everything in order," Lambert said of Anderson, who was getting ready to start college next week. "Everything was starting to fall in place for her."

"She won't get to get to get married, she won't get to have children," she said.

"They both meant so much to so many people," Jenna Johnson, Anderson's aunt and Wall's sister-in-law, told WCBD-TV.

"Anyone who's ever met or known Laura or Nick, they knew two of the most wonderful people," said Johnson. "My niece was simply a gorgeous person inside and out. She had a very positive bubbly personality. She was starting school next week to become a teacher just like her mom.

"She had a very close relationship with her mom, Kimberly, who's my sister-in-law; and she absolutely adored her siblings, especially her little sister Jenna, who has Down's syndrome," Johnson said.

"She's an amazing sister-in-law, amazing daughter, amazing mother, and a wife and I just can't imagine what she's going through right now. My brother-in-law Nick absolutely loved my sister-in-law with his whole heart. He absolutely loved God and loved his family. They both meant so much to so many people. Entire communities feel shattered today."

Kimberly Wall, Laura's mother and wife of Charles, told WMBF-TV, "I'm having to bury one of my children and my husband. It's such a freak thing. I don't know why this would happen. I just don't understand. It's just devastating. I don't know how we're going to go forward."

Kimberly Wall remembered how her daughter always said, "I love you." "She said, 'You should always say I love you when you leave because something might happen.' She would say, 'I love you, mom,' and if I did not immediately say it she'd say, 'I love you, mom,' just to make sure I said it back and I'd say, 'I love you too Laura,'" Kimberly recalled.

"My husband Nick loved everybody. He would do anything for anybody," Kimberly Wall said of her husband. "He was loving and had a heart of gold."

"Every morning, Nick Wall would wait on me to wake up so he could put his arm around me or grab my hand. We'd chat a bit before getting ready for work," Kimberly Wall wrote on Facebook. "This is the 3rd morning without him. Without his arm around me. Without him holding my hand. Without his hug and kiss before leaving or when arriving home. I am so lost."

"Most mornings, Laura would call or text to see if we had made coffee. She'd ask me to bring her some on my way to town but usually would follow up with, 'Never mind, I'll come down there,'" she continued. "The flavored creamer she bought on Sunday is in my fridge waiting for her to come make her cup of coffee. I miss that morning phone call or text. I miss my baby. My beautiful girl. It is not an exaggeration or bias to say that two of the most genuine, loving, compassionate people in the world were taken from me on Monday. Were taken from their families and friends. I am broken-hearted."

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