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Southern California residents nervous about potential release of illegal immigrants in their community


It's different when the problem gets close to home

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Residents of a southern California city expressed concern over a group of illegal immigrants being moved to a nearby detention facility, with some fearing they would be released into the community, according to KCAL-TV.

Over the weekend, approximately 100 illegal immigrants were transported from the border in Texas to Murrieta, California, to be processed. When they heard about it, some Murrieta residents showed up to the detention facility to make sure they wouldn't be dropped off in the city.

"We can be called a racist and we'll just smile," said Murrieta resident Bob Kowell. "Because we don't care. We're watching to see where and when they'll move."

According to KCAL, Murrieta residents came to the Border Patrol facility on a tip from a source to "stand in front of the gates and let them know they're not welcome to stay."

Kowell said he heard the illegal immigrants would be dropped off at strip malls and bus stations throughout the area, but local law enforcement said that is not accurate.

"Our chief, Sean Hatton, contacted the commander of the Border Patrol station in Murrieta and was assured from him that there was not going to be any immigrants released from the Murrieta Border Patrol station," the Murrieta Police Department told KCAL.

The police department wanted to squash any inaccurate fears about the illegal immigrants being released, referencing large protests that occurred in 2014, the last time illegal immigrants were brought into the city for processing.

According to Kowell, there were probably 1,000 protesters at the facility, and the protests were so fierce the buses were forced to turn around and leave.

Kowell made sure to tell KCAL that he is in favor of legal immigration, he just doesn't want illegal immigrants running free in his city.

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