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Video: Leftist students call Ben Shapiro an anti-Semite and disrupt speech where he condemns Nazis


'Are you protesting the part where I'm condemning the Nazis?'

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You really can't make this stuff up.

A group of leftist student activists attempted to shut-down a speech by Ben Shapiro last week as he was denouncing white supremacists at Stanford University.

Shapiro, who was invited to speak at the campus by the school's College Republicans chapter, originally planned to dedicate his remarks to condemning left-wing radicals. In fact, the event was originally titled "No, Leftist Idiots Don't Get To Raise My Kids." However, the conservative commentator decided to change the scope of his speech to condemning racist groups that some in the media have sought to associate with mainstream conservatives and President Trump.

DELUSIONAL: Leftist protestors shout at Ben Shapiro while he denounces Naziswww.youtube.com

About 20 minutes into the speech, a small group of students began chanting "Hey hey ho ho, Ben Shapiro's got to go" to shut down Shapiro's remarks. The yelling began shortly after the Daily Wire editor-in-chief detailed how members of the alt-right and white supremacist groups deny the Holocaust.

Shapiro responded to the disruption by asking the protestors "I have one question: Are you protesting the part where I'm condemning the Nazis?" Other attendees defended Shapiro and drowned out the protestors with chants of "USA! USA! USA!"

More details

In the run-up to the highly-anticipated speech, a group named the "Coalition of Concerned Students" opposed to Shapiro's campus visit distributed flyers that placed a photo of the young conservative commentator wearing a yarmulke on a fictitious bug repellant spray named "Ben B Gone."

The flyers were criticized for invoking antisemitic tropes, namely the dark history of Jews being compared to insects. In response, the "Coalition of Concerned Students" published a letter apologizing for the flyer while also accusing Shapiro — an Orthodox Jew who has received death threats from white nationalists — of promoting "antisemitism."

It is unclear whether the students who attempted to disrupt Shapiro's speech belong to the same group that distributed the flyers with a photo of the author of "The Right Side of History" on a pest extermination bottle. According to the Stanford Daily, the small group of protestors inside the auditorium were escorted out by the school's Department of Public Safety and no further disruptions occurred. The sold-out event was organized by the Young America's Foundation.

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