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State trooper under fire for pulling a gun on black man during traffic stop — here's what happened


This escalated quickly in Delaware

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

A Delaware state trooper is under fire after pulling a gun on a black man during a traffic stop.

The man, later identified as Mack Buckley of Lincoln, Delaware, shared video of the incident on Facebook, where it went viral. At the time of this writing, the original video has been viewed over 53,000 times.

Buckley, a 40-year-old black man, shared a minute-and-23-second video to his Facebook page accusing the arresting officer of illegally detaining him and robbing him.

The incident took place on Feb. 14.

What's in the video?

In the brief video, Buckley can be seen filming the officer as the officer approaches the vehicle.

As the officer approaches the vehicle, he tells Buckley to exit the car. Buckley refuses to exit the vehicle, and the officer appears to open Buckley's driver-side door. Buckley continues to resist, and the officer then pulls out his service weapon.

"Why are you pulling a gun on me?" Buckley asks repeatedly, and shouts "Hey!" several times.

Buckley's phone ends up tipping over at one point and the rest of the interaction cannot be seen.

What is Buckley saying happened?

In sharing his video to Facebook, Buckley posted his recollection of the incident and made allegations of things that reportedly occurred beyond what can be seen in the video.

"I was illegally detained, arrested, and kidnapped by the Delaware State Police today," Buckley wrote. "I was pulled out of my car at gunpoint... and subsequently robbed of my credit card and cash. Didn't get it back... nor is the card that's missing or cash listed on the property report... except for $5 in ones that was in my wallet."

Buckley claimed that the officer pulled him over for speeding, but not give him a ticket for speeding. Instead, he said he received a ticket for resisting arrest and three traffic violations.

"I was also not allowed to file a complaint at the police station after I was released on UNSECURED BOND," he added.

Buckley went on to note that the officer said racist things to him while transporting him to jail.

"On the way to the troop he kept referring to YOU PEOPLE," Buckley wrote. "I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and I in the vehicle. Then he proceeded to say I was a worthless piece of s***. He then said you probably didn't funish [sic] high school. Your [sic] a piece of s***... and he wouldn't give a f*** if YOU PEOPLE died tomorrow."

Buckley said he asked the officer a second time who he meant by "you people." The officer reportedly answered "society."

"Then he proceeds to tell me... oh.. go ahead and play the race card to which I replied... I never said anything about race. I asked you who were you referring to when you said YOU PEOPLE," Buckley added. "The only question I asked you is why you pulled me over.

"Once I started displaying that I knew my rights he started getting p****d," Buckley explained. "Notice in the video he tries to knock the phone from my hand as he is yanking me from my car. He holsters the weapon and keeps yanking. He then instructs me to REMOVE MY SEATBELT."

Buckley admitted that he tried to reach for his phone to record, and the officer yelled "Stop reaching for s***" in response.

"So wait... I can reach for my seatbelt at gunpoint, but I can't reach for my phone?"

Buckley closed his Facebook post with a warning.

"They f***ed with the wrong one today," he wrote. "If anything happens to me after this post... check them first!!!"

What are the police saying?

According to NBC News, the Delaware State Police are reviewing the video.

Police said that an officer pulled Buckley over on the morning of Feb. 14 for speeding, and the officer arrested Buckley after he reportedly resisted arrest, had been speeding, and was driving without insurance and registration.

Sgt. Richard Bratz told the outlet, "The Delaware State Police initiated an internal investigation as soon as we became aware of the incident as per divisional policy." Bratz noted that Buckley was transported to the station "without further incident."

Anything else?

The video does not show the altercation between Buckley and the officer beyond the initial interaction.

Buckley also told NBC News that he cannot speak publicly about the incident until he has spoken to his attorney.

According to KYW-TV, police charged Buckley with resisting arrest, driving at an unreasonable speed, and failure to have insurance identification and registration.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 18.

The outlet reported that court records reveal Buckley has an arrest record dating back 20 years, including convictions for drug possession, DUI, maintaining a vehicle for keeping drugs, carrying a concealed weapon, and criminal impersonation.

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