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Steven Crowder's election night coverage got millions of viewers — enough to compete with the mainstream networks


The BlazeTV host dazzled viewers with his entertaining analysis

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder aired a live election night show on Tuesday, and his coverage garnered millions of views, competing with all the major news networks.

The show was broadcast on YouTube and obtained more than 8.2 million views less than 24 hours after Election Day. A second "Louder with Crowder" show broadcasted on Wednesday had already garnered more than 4.1 million views just hours after he finished livestreaming it.

Crowder's impressive viewership competed with that of Fox News, the ratings behemoth, which garnered 14 million viewers from 8 to 11 p.m. Tuesday night. CNN averaged only 9 million viewers in the same time frame, closer to Crowder's viewership.

Some connected the stunning ratings accomplishment with a frustration from Trump supporters in seeking news outlets that were fair to the president and his policies. In one episode that turned many people against Fox News, the news outlet called the state of Arizona for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden despite other outlets calling the race too close.

The astounding viewership numbers come a year and a half after Crowder successfully staved off efforts to have his channel removed from the platform after a dispute with Vox activist Carlos Maza.

Although YouTube demonetized his channel briefly, the campaign eventually failed and Crowder was able to continue broadcasting over the popular video platform owned by Google.

Crowder also broadcasts his content on BlazeTV in order to escape censorship from the Big Tech companies.

Here's the election night "Louder with Crowder" show:

LIVE: Election 2020: Trump vs. Biden #CrowderElectionStream | Louder with Crowderwww.youtube.com

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