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Democratic state rep declares that 'the only reason to vote Republican is you're either really wealthy, really racist, or both'

Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Colorado state Rep. Steven Woodrow, a Democrat, has claimed that the only reason people vote in support of the GOP is that they are rich, racist, or both.

"The only reason to vote Republican is you’re either really wealthy, really racist, or both. Everything else is a rationalization," Woodrow tweeted.

One person, who apparently agreed with the state lawmaker, replied, "You forgot about the portion of the Venn diagram that really hates women. Don't forget about them!"

"Very true," Woodrow responded.

Woodrow also agreed with someone who accused Republicans of despising veterans, the police, and the U.S. Constitution. In response to Woodrow's comments, someone wrote, "That is unfair and intellectually dishonest. You'd also vote Republican if you hate veterans, police officers and the Constitution."

"Ha. True. Even Willy & Sal would consider their lack of morality to be a bit brazen," Woodrow replied.

Others on social media pushed back against Woodrow's suggestion that GOP voters are rich and/or racist.

"One of the most irresponsibly ignorant statements by a supposed statesman," someone tweeted.

"I'm a Democrat, I despise the Republican Party, but I know plenty of Republican neighbors who are non-wealthy/non-racist. They see us Dems as fiscally irresponsible, soft on crime/national security, anti-business/pro-socialism, anti-free speech, pro-war, & pro-illegal immigrant," someone else commented.

Woodrow has also compared the GOP to "an abusive husband," claimed that Republicans represent the largest impediment to tackling "our greatest challenges," and said that Republicans are not "mentally healthy."

"The GOP is like an abusive husband that says if he can’t have America, then dammit no one can," he tweeted.

"The GOP is chalk-full of liars, from Trump to SCOTUS. How embarrassing they can’t face reality, and when called out they deflect by bashing trans people. This is not a mentally healthy group," Woodrow wrote in another post.

"I call out Republicans because they’re the biggest obstacle standing in the way of addressing our greatest challenges: concentrated wealth, rampant gun violence, systemic racism, and a rapidly warming planet," Woodrow tweeted.

"Sorry but I see gun violence, racism, climate change, and rising authoritarianism—all thanks to the GOP," he declared in another tweet.

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