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'Sinister' plan circulating in left-wing circles: Strip accreditation from religious schools that don't comply with progressive policies


Christian colleges or universities would 'cease to exist'

Photo by AMANDA ANDRADE-RHOADES/AFP via Getty Images

On Tuesday, in an op-ed published by the Daily Signal, Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin raised awareness about a dangerous plan being hatched by progressives to shape future generations of Americans.

What are the details?

The plan — outlined in a recent Human Rights Campaign manifesto titled, "Blueprint for Positive Change" — urges the incoming Biden administration to mandate compliance with their political agenda by stripping accreditation from religious colleges and universities that don't meet "nondiscrimination policies and science-based curricula standards" regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

The objective, which is one of 85 policy recommendations submitted by the LGBTQ advocacy group, demands that the Department of Education amend language found in the Higher Education Opportunity Act that presently requires accrediting agencies to respect a school's "stated mission."

The department, HRC argues, "should issue a regulation clarifying that this provision ... does not require the accreditation of religious institutions that do not meet neutral accreditation standards including nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum requirements."

Should the plan be carried out, it would effectively dissolve religious higher education institutions in America as many employers do not hire applicants without a degree from an accredited school.

Babin responded to the plan, saying, "Here, couched in language designed to suggest moral superiority and scientific legitimacy, is a blatant, full-frontal assault on our religious liberties.

"The Human Rights Campaign is not simply suggesting that Christian institutions comply with the left's view of 'nondiscrimination,' but rather it is forcing institutions to either abandon the tenants of their religious beliefs or face severe consequences. Haven't we seen this play out in history before, such as the Soviet Revolution and Mao's Cultural Revolution?" he added.

Babin warned that if the HRC is successful in lobbying Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, Christian schools would "cease to exist" or be "bullied to bow down to the LGBT orthodoxy."

What else?

Last month, shortly after the blueprint was released, Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, called the recommendation "sinister."

"I've not seen any document like this before — the Human Rights Campaign is effectively calling for religious colleges and schools to be coerced into the sexual revolution or stripped of accreditation," he said in a column. "In terms of accreditation, that is an atomic bomb."

"This is an outright attempt to eliminate religious freedom for Christian schools — or for any religious school that refuses to bow to the moral revolutionaries at the Human Rights Campaign," he continued. "This is an undisguised attempt to shut down any semblance of a Christian college or university that would possess the audacity to operate from a Christian worldview."

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