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Study: COVID-19 vaccination is 'strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis'
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Study: COVID-19 vaccination is 'strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis'

The U.S. government, the mainstream media, and so-called experts long downplayed the possibility of a link between heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccines. Elements of the medical establishment and social media companies worked to shut up those who dared to press the issue.

Health officials and their stenographers in the media later admitted an elevated risk of myocarditis among mRNA COVID-19 vaccinees, especially among boys and young men. Despite belated advisories to this effect from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, little changed in the way of the prevailing narrative: the supposed benefits of the vaccines outweighed the risks, which allegedly remained mild and rare.

A new peer-reviewed study published Saturday in the pharmacotherapy journal Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety has thrown some more cold water on that persistent narrative, indicating that "COVID-19 vaccination is strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis, particularly in children and young adults resulting in hospitalization and death."

"COVID-19 vaccines induce an uncontrolled expression of potentially lethal SARS-CoV-2 spike protein within human cells, have a close temporal relationship of events, and are internally and externally consistent with emerging sources of clinical and peer-reviewed data supporting the conclusion that COVID-19 vaccines are deterministic for myocarditis, including fatal cases," the study claims.

The study is the result of an effort on the part of Texas cardiologist Peter McCullough, biologist Jessica Rose, and researcher Nicolas Hulscher to further explore links between COVID-19 vaccination and heart inflammation using the vaccine adverse events report system.

On the basis of data in VAERS — a system created and implemented by the FDA and CDC in 1990 — the researchers examined the frequency of myocarditis reports in the aftermath of COVID-19 vaccination and compared their findings with past reports from other vaccines that have been rolled out over the years.

The researchers found that upon the massive rollout of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, there was a significant spike in the number of myocarditis reports, "far higher than the reports from all other vaccines combined over the previous 30 years. This side effect was mostly reported in young individuals, especially males."

The spike represented a 2,500% increase in the "absolute number of reports in the first year of the campaign when comparing historical values prior to 2021."

Contrary to governmental claims of mildness, the study found that most of those who reported myocarditis required emergency medical care or hospitalization, and 92 individuals reportedly succumbed to the apparently vaccine-induced affliction.

The study highlighted that the COVID-19 vaccines, which were rushed through safety and efficacy trials inside a 10-month period as opposed the years-long process that novel genetic products customarily undergo, continue to be recommended to everyone 6 months of age and older. The researchers suggested this recommendation should be axed, at the very least for children.

"Children have a negligible risk for COVID-19, and yet they are a high-risk group for myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccination," wrote the researchers. "The World Health Organization's current vaccination advice states that healthy young people ages 6 months to 17 years are a 'low priority group' and that vaccinating this group has limited impact on public health."

The researchers stressed further in their paper that "myocarditis resulting in hospitalization and death attributable to the COVID-19 vaccines may be viewed as an excess risk of the injection program" because, despite claims to the contrary, the vaccines never stopped transmission and there "are no prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials of COVID-19 injectable products demonstrating reductions in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths as primary or secondary endpoints."

"We believe COVID-19 vaccination may pose more harm to children than theoretical benefit. This corroborates actions taken by Sweden, Norway, and Finland in 2021 when health officials suspended the use of Moderna injections in young people due to the detection of safety signals for an increased risk of myocarditis," added the researchers.

Europeans are not the only ones who have spared their children from the novel vaccines. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration has recommended against COVID-19 vaccination for children and young men since March 2022.

McCullough said of his study, "If vaccines cannot demonstrate acceptable safety profiles or be modified to improve safety, they must be removed from the market. Don't accept 'unavoidable harms' and freedom from liability for the manufacturers. These data demonstrate COVID-19 vaccines are not safe."

Dr. Jordan Peterson responded to the study on X, writing, "I think it's about time to lay some criminal charges." He added in a subsequent message, "This is utterly terrible."

Katy Faust, the head of the children's rights group Them Before Us, tweeted, "The pressure to vaccinate my teenagers was overwhelming. From schools, from doctors, from friends, from public establishments that shut them out. A pox on all the medical professionals who pushed this at the risk of children's lives and long-term health."

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