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Study: Teens not in romantic relationships 'significantly' less depressed than peers who date


'These results refute the notion that non‐daters are maladjusted'

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Teenagers who aren't in romantic relationships are "significantly" less depressed than their peers who are dating, a new study has concluded.

The study — titled, "Social Misfit or Normal Development? Students Who Do Not Date" and published last week in the Journal of Student Health — also found that teens who aren't dating had "significantly higher teacher ratings of social skills and leadership."

"These results refute the notion that non‐daters are maladjusted," the study concluded. "Health promotion interventions in schools should include non‐dating as one option of healthy development."

More about the study

The study sample was taken from 594 10th graders who were asked about their levels of depression and suicidal ideation, as well as if they had positive relationships with friends and at home. The results were examined to determine if 10th graders who weren't dating differed on emotional, interpersonal, and adaptive skills from those who were dating.

While non-dating teens reported "significantly lower depression" than their dating peers, self‐reports of positive relationships and suicidal ideation didn't differ between groups, the study said.

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