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Survey: GOP is concerned about policy issues, while Democrats are most concerned about 'Trump supporters'
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Survey: GOP is concerned about policy issues, while Democrats are most concerned about 'Trump supporters'

Democrats' concerns are not over issues but with Republicans themselves

A new survey found that while Republican voters are mostly concerned with policy issues, Democratic voters are primarily concerned with Trump supporters and the growth of various "-isms" in the country such as "systemic racism" and "white nationalism."

What are the details?

The survey, conducted by Echelon Insights last week, found that the top concern among Republican voters was illegal immigration, with 81% of respondents reporting that they are very concerned about the issue. Following behind is the lack of support for police in the country, with 79% being very concerned, and high taxes, an issue that 77% said they were very concerned about.

Republicans also did express concern over issues not necessarily related to specific policy — such as liberal bias in the media, the general moral decline of the country, and socialism — but those concerns did not top the list.

Among Democratic voters, however, non-policy-related issues were of greatest concern. In fact, the No. 1 "problem" causing concern for Democratic respondents was not an issue at all, but a group of people — Donald Trump supporters — at 82%.

Moreover, given Trump's popularity within the Republican Party at-large, you might as well refer to Trump supporters as Republican voters. In the 2020 presidential election, more than 74 million Americans voted for Trump.

Following behind Trump supporters, Democratic respondents listed white nationalism and systemic racism as the issues they are most concerned about at 79% and 77%, respectively.

Commenting on the survey results on Twitter, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro noted that many of the consequent concerns among Democrats, were "rooted in slanderous notions about Republicans." You might include issues such as "domestic terrorism," "police brutality," "discrimination against LGBTQ Americans," and "sexism" in that list along with "white nationalism" and "systemic racism."

This writer's perspective

The aforementioned issues, again, have little do with policy, but rather are negative characteristics often associated with Republicans by Democratic lawmakers and members of the mainstream media.

What's more is the survey results indicate that for Democrats, though not necessarily Republicans, compromise is simply not an option. For example, in a hypothetical scenario where Democrats adopted a tougher approach to illegal immigration, Republicans would theoretically work across the aisle. However, Democrats would seemingly never work with Republicans on an issue because their problems are not necessarily with issues supported by Republicans but with Republicans themselves.

"Translation: they're not planning on sharing a country with us, which sadly puts us on the path to a zero sum game," BlazeTV host Steve Deace tweeted.

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