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Taylor Lorenz blasted on Times Square billboard for doxxing Libs of TikTok. Lorenz reacts by saying she's 'grateful' for WaPo's 'strong security team.'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @Timcast

Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz got called out on a giant electronic billboard in New York City's Times Square. The billboard declares Lorenz "doxxed @LibsOfTikTok" and throws shade at the newspaper as well.

What are the details?

The ad's full text reads, "Hey WaPo / Democracy dies in darkness / That's why we're shining a light on you. / Taylor Lorenz doxxed @LibsOfTikTok." It's signed by @Timcast, which is the Twitter handle for journalist Tim Pool.

Pool said in his Twitter post Tuesday — which also featured video of the billboard — that Lorenz's story about the Libs of TikTok creator "included a link to private work details and an address listed as Libs' private home. They lied about it so I got an ad in Times Square calling them out."

Pool also thanked Jeremy Boreing, CEO of the Daily Wire, for "the assist." Boreing noted Sunday in a Twitter reply to Pool that he's "good for half" the billboard's cost.

What's the background?

Lorenz has been making headlines of late and getting lambasted for tone-deaf hypocrisy in the process. Recently, she burst into tears during an MSNBC interview complaining about being harassed online and added that she suffered from post-traumatic stress and even contemplated suicide.

That didn't sway Lorenz from online digging that resulted in her Post story on Libs of TikTok, a popular Twitter account that reposts leftist videos and which most recently focused on ways progressive public school teachers are indoctrinating children. Lorenz's story outed the identity of the Libs of TikTok account's creator and initially publishing a link to the creator's real estate license, which included personal details such as the creator's full name, address, phone number, and employer's name.

The Post later removed the link but stealth-edited the story, failing to tell readers via an editor's note about the changes. When asked why the information was deleted post-publication, a Post spokesperson said "ultimately, we deemed it unnecessary."

What did Lorenz have to say about the billboard?

Lorenz on Tuesday called the billboard "an attempt to discredit my reporting on Libs of TikTok." As for reactions to her tweet, only those Lorenz follows or has mentioned can comment on it, and for that others called her a "coward" and accused her of creating an "echo chamber of people she agrees with."

Lorenz added in another tweet that the billboard "is undeniably so idiotic it’s hilarious, but don’t forget that these campaigns have a much darker and more violent side. I’m grateful to be at a newsroom that recognizes these bad faith, politically motivated attacks and has a strong security team."

'Cry more Taylor!'

Libs of TikTok reacted in short-and-sweet fashion to Lorenz's claim that the billboard is "an attempt to discredit" her reporting:

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