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Unhinged leftist 'teacher' absolutely flips out on peaceful anti-lockdown protesters in Oregon: 'F*** all of you!'
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BlessUSA45, redacted

Unhinged leftist 'teacher' absolutely flips out on peaceful anti-lockdown protesters in Oregon: 'F*** all of you!'

'B***h! Kill yourself!' she added

You might say Oregon has been the unofficial epicenter of protests in 2020, with leftist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter on a near-nightly basis occupying the streets of Portland and physically attacking local police and federal officers, destroying businesses, torching buildings, and intimidating anyone who gets in their way.

We also saw what happened when conservatives descended on Portland at the end of August and staged their own car rally protest in support of President Donald Trump: A "100% Antifa" militant appeared to ambush a pro-police activist and fatally shot him before taking off into the night.

Now what?

Well, there was a protest of a different sort over the weekend in Bend, Oregon — about three hours southeast of Portland — and these demonstrators were protesting against governmental coronavirus lockdowns.

As has been typical of protests involving conservatives and Trump supporters, the anti-lockdown gathering at the intersection of Northwest Greenwood Avenue and Northwest Wall Street was peaceful.

That is, until a self-proclaimed "teacher" stopped her Subaru and absolutely flipped out on demonstrators holding their signs on the sidewalk. Fortunately a cellphone camera was rolling and caught the glorious moment for all of you to enjoy.

What did she scream?

Wearing a headband with her COVID-19 mask dangling below her chin, the ponytailed leftist lets loose on protesters: "Bitch! Kill yourself!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BlessUSA45

Oh, it's already clear where this is headed.

"I'm a f***ing teacher! I work in schools!" she screams before re-educating her listeners with what one might characterize as social studies for the new millennium. "F*** you! F*** you! I am a teacher! I teach students!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BlessUSA45, redacted

All the while the protesters simply turn up their own volume — and some simply laugh at the lunacy-filled moment.

"Our families are dying!" she hollers, her voice cracking as it pitches upward into Mariah Carey territory.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BlessUSA45

In another odd moment she appears to welcome the attention of those recording her antics, maniacally waving and yelling "hi" to the cameras:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BlessUSA45

She then hollers "F*** all of you!" — as if the point needed underscoring — before finally making her left turn (pun not intended ... or maybe it is) away from demonstrators as they chant "USA! USA! USA!"

Here's the clip, which was posted to Twitter on Sunday. Content warning: Profanity:

Anything else?

According to the Associated Press, the demographics of Bend have shifted from Republican in the 1990s to Democrat at present as more people from left-leaning areas of California moved in.

The growth of registered Democrats "could be a reflection of the political party affiliation of the new residents, rather than longtime locals shifting their party affiliation," economist Damon Runberg told the AP.

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