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Teacher refuses to allow second-grader’s Bible during ‘Show and Tell’: ‘I didn’t get to tell them about Daniel’


Terribly sad

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A Virginia teacher reportedly stopped an 8-year-old boy from reading his Bible to his peers during "Show and Tell" last week, and one parent isn't happy about it.

What are the details?

In an article published on PJ Media, parent John Ellis told the sad story.

Ellis said that his son took his Bible to school for "Show and Tell" to talk to his classmates about what he is learning in his devoted readings.

Ellis writes that his son's school — which is in the Arlington County, Virginia, public school system — happens to be in "one of the most progressively leftist communities in the country" and has "little room for conservative Christianity."

He adds that his own neighborhood is rife with signs reading "All are welcome here!" and "Love trumps hate!"

Ellis also says that the community are steadfast supporters of accepting transgenderism and use proper pronouns to reinforce their support.

Ellis' son returned home from school appearing to be downcast after a teacher reportedly told him to stop talking about the Bible.

"The teacher stopped me from speaking," the child said, "and went onto the next person. I didn't get to tell them about Daniel."

As a child of just eight years old, Ellis' son was confused as to why he couldn't share something as beautiful as the love of God with his classmates.

Ellis goes on to point out another experience — which exists in stark contrast to that of his own son — in the same school system over the summer.

Ellis said that the parents of an incoming high school freshman told the district that their daughter is transgender. The district, according to Ellis, bent to the parents' wishes and "took steps to ensure that the student's preferred identity is honored."

"In fact," Ellis wrote, "the district went so far in their support of this student that they fired a French teacher last week because he believes that she is a 'she,' and not a 'he.'"

What's this all about?

Ellis was pointing to the ongoing story of Peter Vlaming, the teacher at the center of the preferred pronoun controversy.

Vlaming told the district that using the student's preferred pronoun would violate his own Christian faith.

Last week, the school board held a hearing ahead of announcing Vlaming's fate. The majority of those in attendance supported Vlaming.

Vlaming defended himself during the hearing, and said that it was ridiculous that he would be terminated over pronoun usage.

"I am being punished for what I haven't said," Vlaming argued. "I'm totally happy to use the new name. I'm happy to avoid female pronouns not to offend because I'm not here to provoke ... but I can't refer to a female as a male, and a male as a female in good conscience and faith."

Regardless, Vlaming lost his teaching job after a 5-0 vote against him.

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