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Ted Cruz accuses CNN's Brian Stelter of acting like a Democratic operative after mocking deleted tweet


'Does CNN only exist to attack GOP?'

Composite Image Sources: Sergio Flores/Getty Images and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) fired back at CNN's media correspondent after he mocked the senator over a deleted tweet about Michigan's Democratic governor.

Cruz reposted a popular but misleading meme on Twitter that showed Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signing a bill imposing a fine on residents who don't follow social distancing orders, while she and her aides crowded together in the photograph.

Brian Stelter mocked the senator for deleting the tweet after he was informed that the photograph was taken in 2019, long before social distancing guidelines were in place.

"Why senators shouldn't rush to dunk on others based on a too-good-to-be-true tweet. @TedCruz deleted his shot after @GovWhitmer corrected him," Stelter said, with a screenshot of the deleted tweet.

Cruz excoriated Stelter, explained that the image had been corrected by a local ABC News affiliated, and criticized Stelter for what he saw as biased media coverage.

"I RT'ed a former LA Times reporter who had tweeted pics that mistakenly ran on the ABC local news broadcast. When I found out the story was erroneous, I deleted the tweet," said Cruz.

"Gosh, Brian, why does your tweet omit the MSM error that started it? Or does CNN only exist to attack GOP?" he added.

Cruz posted the correction from WXYZ in Detroit in a second tweet.

"Your job title is literally 'chief media correspondent' for CNN. And yet you ignore the MSM culpability. I simply believed their reporting was accurate," said Cruz. "It's almost as if your real job title is 'chief of rapid response, DNC.'"

Stelter has been accused by many of a double standard against conservatives and media sources that aren't friendly to liberal narratives.

Here's Cruz on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

Cruz on Fox News: Relief for Americans, Energy Producers Top Priorities As We Combat COVID-19 www.youtube.com

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