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Leftists spew venom at Ted Cruz over photo with deer he hunted: 'You're not a human being'


'God you're a f***ing s***bag'

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) triggered a leftist meltdown over the weekend after posting a photo of himself and a deer that he hunted and killed.

Holding the antlers of the large deer that he had just killed, Cruz said, "A beautiful day in South Texas."

What was the reaction?

Cruz's photo sparked significant reaction on social media, generating nearly 100,000 "likes" and nearly 30,000 comments by Sunday morning.

Leftists decried Cruz as a "monster," while others criticized him for hunting during the pandemic.

  • "It's a beautiful animal. Let's kill it. You're not a human being, Cruz. You're a human-shaped pile of dung," liberal Keith Olbermann said.
  • "You murder beautiful animals because you're a weasel with no balls. Deplorable Ted," self-described "liberal elitist" Kimberley Johnson said.
  • "Ted Cruz. Too chickens*** to stand up to a president that called his wife ugly and accused his dad of helping assassinate JFK. But will smirk and brag about killing an animal that was ten times the man he will ever be. Weak, cowardly, pathetic. Lyin' Ted, Trump's b****," another person said.
  • "Hey look - the ball-less craven coward went pew pew and killed a majestic creature just because he could. God you're a f***ing s***bag," another person replied.
  • "Look at this disgusting piece of s***," another person said.
  • "Each antler belongs shoved up your inhuman , sanctimonious , spineless a** . Your political policies of inhumanity and self enrichment are reflected in this shot . Big brave guy huh ? Rot," another person said.
  • "Here is a picture of an animal whose soul has left its body and who is now just a useless lump of dead flesh … posing with a recently deceased deer," another person mocked.
  • ".@tedcruz wants Texans to believe he's tough & this photo is a sh***y attempt at selling that lie. He wasn't tough when Trump called his wife ugly. He wasn't tough when Trump accused his father of being part of the the JFK assassination Ted Cruz is a worthless opportunist POS," another person replied.
  • "What a complete monster. I apologize if this is triggering for anyone. This seriously infuriates me," one person said.

Regarding criticism over hunting during the pandemic, one person said, "Your constituents are waiting 13 hours in line at food banks and this is what you are busy doing."

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just last week admitted to playing politics with pandemic relief.

The California Democrat said she is now willing to negotiate a second pandemic relief bill since Joe Biden appears to have won the White House.

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