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Terrifying footage shows car plowing through protest crowds in Bakersfield, California


At least one person appears to have been hit

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Terrifying footage out of Bakersfield, California, Friday evening shows a vehicle driving into a crowd of protestors blocking a road during a demonstration over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, who died in police custody earlier this week.

What are the details?

A video emerged out of Bakersfield showing protestors who had blocked a street surrounding a gray SUV and yelling, before the vehicle speeds through the crowd and one pedestrian falls to the ground after apparently being struck.

Warning: Graphic footage and language

Riots - Car plow in crowd - Bakersfield, Calif

According to several witness accounts, the driver turned around after plowing through the crowd and made another run passing through in the opposite direction. The driver was described as a male wearing a white shirt.

Car drives through crowd protesters in Bakersfield

A video credited to KGET-TV on Twitter shows a police squad car eventually pulling over a vehicle fitting the same description, with what appears to be a male driver wearing a white shirt. Protestors cheered as the single police cruiser forced the driver to stop, and the crowd began to swarm to the scene.

After days of violent protests in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York City and elsewhere over Floyd's death, more cities saw riots as the weekend hit, including Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

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