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Texas border sheriff says US has an open door for illegals to enter thanks to Biden, warns things will only get worse


'Now, basically, the border's open'

Sergio Flores/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Texas Sheriff J.E. Guerra is not happy with how things are currently going along U.S.-Mexico border.

Illegal aliens are surging across, demanding that the Biden administration let them in and swamping Border Patrol agents.

Guerra should know, as his Hidalgo County sits on the border.

And the sheriff — a Democrat — knows where the blame lies: President Joe Biden.

What's he saying?

In an interview with the New York Post this week, Guerra warned, "Now, basically, the border's open." And things are going to get worse if the Biden White House doesn't do something quick.

"We're hopeful with this administration, [Biden's] got an opportunity starting now but let's wait and see," he told the Post. "They've got to make a decision here pretty quick because as long as [immigrants] think that, 'Hey, the border's open,' here comes the flood, they've got to stop that."

According to Guerra, Border Patrol agents currently aren't able to do their jobs. Instead of watching the border fence and the Rio Grande River, they're now stuck working in processing centers due to the massive influx of immigrants.

The lack of agents physically manning the border has led to a surge in crime, especially smuggling organizations, the sheriff said. And the big money is in human smuggling now, instead of drug smuggling.

"[T]hey're calling all the agents on the line to go process. So all that does is opens up an opportunity for these smuggling organizations to take advantage of that," Guerra said.

He pointed out that the decrease in physical security has led to more people trying to cross, which has "fueled organized crime in Mexico because migrants and coyotes must pay a toll to the cartels in order to traverse the Rio Grande and cross into this section of Texas," the Post said.

"Your Mexican cartels are making more money on humans than they are on the drug side and right now, it's a boom. It's a boom for 'em, it's huge. ... They're making a killing right now," Guerra told the paper.

Sheriff says Biden administration wasn't ready

And it's because the Biden administration wasn't prepared, he said.

"The new administration came in, they changed policy, and I don't think that our federal government was prepared to have the adequate resources and you're seeing the results of that right now," Guerra added. "They don't have the resources, the boots on the ground, nor the infrastructure to handle what you're seeing and I believe that it's going to get worse if the administration doesn't go back, or limit the policy. So I feel for my partners, my federal partners.

"The previous convicted felons and the pedophiles and the people that have been convicted of sexual assault that have been deported, you'll see those coming across in droves and the cartels know that so they charge them a lot more money," Guerra continued.

The sheriff knows that the only answer is for the Biden administration to get its act together.

"We need our leaders in Washington to come up with an immigration policy that is fair and until that is done, we're going to continue to see what we're seeing," Guerra said.

"It's a concern, a national security concern, a public safety concern, and basically, you know, a humanitarian concern that this is causing and our leaders in Washington just need to come up with immigration reform and come up with some policy and at this point, we don't care what it is," the sheriff pleaded.

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