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Texas jury rules against father trying to protect 7-year-old son from forced gender transition
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Texas jury rules against father trying to protect 7-year-old son from forced gender transition

This happened in TEXAS

A Texas jury returned a verdict on Monday that will prevent Jeffrey Younger from protecting his 7-year-old son from a forced gender transition by the boy's mom, Dr. Anne Georgulas.

According to LifeSiteNews, Younger had petitioned the court to grant him sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude. But on Monday, a Dallas jury — by a vote of 11 to 1 — granted Georgulas, his ex-wife, sole custody of the boys, making her the sole decision-maker concerning the medical and psychological care of the children.

In court, Younger argued that Georgulas was forcing James to undergo gender transition. With the jury's decision, Georgulas is free to give James puberty-blocker medication that results in chemical castration and, ultimately, hormone pills to complete James' female transition to become "Luna."

Not only did the jury grant Georgulas sole custody paving the way to force gender transition upon the 7-year-old boy, but the jury granted Georgulas' petition to limit Younger's visitation of his two sons. Younger will also be required to refer to James as "Luna" and he is prohibited from exposing James to anyone who does not "affirm" what Georgulas claims is the male child's "female identity."

The two sides were in court last week arguing their case, according to The Texan.

Georgulas claims that James wants to be a girl and her lawyers argued that James is a girl "trapped inside a boy's body." Dr. Benjamin Albritton, also the custody evaluator, testified on Georgulas' behalf — because she paid the doctor to do so — as he was the doctor that originally diagnosed James with "gender dysphoria" and recommended James be "affirmed" as a girl.

Meanwhile, Younger's lawyer, Logan Odeneal, claimed James only exhibits female characteristics — such as wearing makeup and dresses — when he is with his mother.

Odeneal told the court that Albritton's diagnosis is faulty because James does not exhibit symptoms outlined in the DSM-V, the diagnostic manual used by the American Psychiatric Association. Not only that, but James does not exhibit "distress" when associated with his male identity — which is mandatory for a "gender dysphoria" diagnosis — a fact that James' family and other doctors who diagnosed him confirmed, according to The Texan.

Odeneal also proved that Georgulas will force James to undergo hormone treatment despite her denying this fact. Odeneal presented medical records to the court attesting to this fact. When Albritton was shown the records, he told the court he had seen them before but did not include them in his custody reporting "because he did not think it seemed relevant," The Texan reported.

Odeneal also called numerous medical professionals who testified to the fact that forcing a gender transition on a young child has dozens of negative physical and psychological impacts that severely limits a person's lifespan and makes them more susceptible to mental illness, all too often ending in suicide.

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