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Prominent theologian rips anti-Trump Christianity Today editorial: Remember the Democrats' agenda


'On balance, and considering the alternatives, Trumps should stay'

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Theologian Peter Leithart rebuked the Christianity Today editorial by Mark Galli calling for President Donald Trump's removal from office.

In an article published in First Things, a conservative religious journal, Leithart lays out "The Case for Keeping Trump." Leithart, who leads the Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, argues that while Trump is a flawed man, Christian voters have to consider the repercussions of removing Trump from office, both politically and morally.

As it turns out, Pelosi doesn't have bipartisan support for impeachment. If successful, it will be a partisan success, and will embolden Democrats to pursue their agenda more aggressively. Remember what that agenda includes.The Democratic party provides a nurturing home for moral and social progressivism; it's the party of abortion rights, of gay marriage, of a moral libertarianism that scorns the moral traditionalism of a significant sector of the American public.

The case for removal is 'not convincing'

Leithart says that although Galli's editorial is "cogent," it is ultimately "not convincing." Although the author acknowledges that Trump may have done what Democrats accused him of, he notes that the president's "personal flaws and political errors pose a test we should suffer with patience."

From a biblical standpoint, Leithart invokes Romans 13:

We owe honor to whom honor is due, tribute to whom tribute. At times, we have to skate close to giving due to devils. In America, we have Constitutional mechanisms for removing a sitting president, but the Christian tradition urges caution. It's a truism of Christian political thought that we must bear with wicked rulers. God gives power to evil men, Peter Abelard wrote, "for vengeance against perverse men or for purgation or testing of those who are good." Trump is no tyrant. In policy terms, his presidency has been a mixed bag.

'On balance, and considering the alternatives, Trumps should stay'

Leithart adds that it is foolish for Christians to think that acquiescing to Democrats' demands would satisfy them. He also points out that factions within the Democratic party regard biblical beliefs as "hate speech."

There are times when you have to oppose something just because you shouldn't give the satisfaction of victory to its supporters. This is one of those times.

The theologian concedes that the Christianity Today article offers a "stirring message" that correctly underscores the "dilemma evangelicals have found themselves in." However, Leithart maintains that "the solution for evangelicals isn't to back the impeachment efforts of people who despise them nearly as much as they despise Trump."

He argues that evangelicals and other Christians should "imitate" the prophets and both point out Trump's flaws and resist the push by Democrats to remove him from office.

"On balance, and considering the alternatives, Trump should stay," Leithart concludes.

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