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Transgender activist with male genitalia turns on testosterone, gets caught on video appearing to physically attack reporter outside court


'No real woman can punch that hard'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Jessica Yaniv — the transgender activist who infamously filed numerous human rights complaints against salons that refused to wax Yaniv's male genitalia, who complained of being turned away by a gynecologist, who vowed to shut down Ricky Gervais' live show after the comedian mocked Yaniv's antics — has turned up the aggression dial.

What now?

Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte said he wasn't allowed in a British Columbia courthouse where Yaniv was appearing Monday on a weapons charge — so Bexte tried interviewing Yaniv outside the courtroom.

With that, Bexte turned on his cellphone video, and Yaniv flew into a rage with Bexte's first — and only — question, appearing to physically attack the reporter.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Video showed Yaniv relentlessly going after the retreating reporter who said Yaniv punched him in the back of the head.

"Go away from me!" Yaniv hollered at Bexte.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

After the unnerving ordeal, Bexte wrote, "I need an Advil."

He also wondered if any surveillance video would see the light of day:

Now what?

Bexte told the Daily Wire that "police have been reluctant to charge [Yaniv] before," therefore the reporter added that he's speaking to legal counsel "to figure out my options to make sure this menace sees justice."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

The reporter was a bit more direct on Twitter, noting, "I've never seen a girl hit like that. Tbh you're more manly than most men, and you belong behind bars. I'll be seeing you in court, and I'll visit you in prison. No tampons in mens prison! Sad!"

Bexte also wrote, "Splitting headache. Do Alberta healthcare cards work in BC? F*** Yaniv. No real woman can punch that hard."

Here's a bit of what Bexte went through prior to the hearing:

What else has ol' Jess been up to?

While British Columbia's Human Rights Tribunal several months back determined Yaniv's complaints against the waxing salon were "divorced from reality" — and the trans activist was ordered to pay $2,000 to each of three respondents in the case — Yaniv is on full reload mode.

Yes, the activist recently launched a new complaint against a salon run by immigrant women of the Sikh faith, the National Post said. Seems the salon turned down Yaniv's waxing request, saying it only serves females — and further rejected the request because of "religious, cultural and safety reasons," the paper added.

Oh, and last summer Yaniv pushed for LGBTQ "topless" swim parties for children as young as 12 at pools run by a Canadian town — and one of the stipulations was that parents and guardians are barred from attending. The municipality in question postponed voting on the matter.

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