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Transgender with male genitalia who just complained about being rejected by gynecology office faces weapons charges


Jessica Yaniv activated a taser during a livestream debate

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Jessica Yaniv — a transgender woman who made headlines earlier this year after filing numerous human rights complaints against salons in Canada that refused to wax Yaniv's still-male genitalia and recently complained about being rejected by a gynecology office — is in hot water with the law in Canada.

What went down?

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Langley, British Columbia, on Monday said Yaniv, 32, is facing two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon after brandishing a taser during a livestream video debate with Blaire White, a conservative transgender woman, Global News reported.

At one point during the debate, White commented that young girls in restroom stalls would need to carry pepper spray to protect themselves from the likes of Yaniv — an apparent reference to the debate about biological males who identify as female being legally allowed to use girls' and women's restrooms and locker rooms.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In response, Yaniv got up, left the debate for a few moments, and then returned.

"I don't need to be scared in my own house that I'm going to get f***ing attacked," Yaniv said before raising the taser, pointing it at the camera, and activating it.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Here's the clip. Content warning: Language:


What happened next?

Police said on Aug. 5 they received multiple reports of the taser being brandished during the livestream, Global News said.

"During the streaming, the weapon was not deployed TOWARD anyone," police said in a media release, the outlet added.

After viewing the video, RCMP arrested Yaniv at home — and on the following day during a search found two conducted electrical weapons, police told Global News.

Yaniv hits back at police

In a Facebook message, Yaniv seemed confident the charges wouldn't stick, the outlet said.

“I'd rather not give away any potential evidence I may have that will get my charges easily acquitted/dropped," Yaniv said, according to Global News. “Believe me, I have lots. The RCMP screwed up, and they know it, too, hence why they have this little hissy fit against me; when I call to report anything they refuse to take a report now."

Yaniv is scheduled in court Jan. 13 to face the weapons charges, the outlet added.

Anything else?

British Columbia's Human Rights Tribunal in October determined that Yaniv's complaints against the waxing salons were "divorced from reality," and the trans activist was ordered to pay $2,000 to each of three respondents in the case.

Over the summer Yaniv pushed for LGBTQ "topless" swim parties for children as young as 12 at pools run by a Canadian town — and one of the stipulations barred parents and guardians from attending. The municipality in question postponed voting on the matter.

And anti-abortion news outfit LifeSite said it was locked out of Twitter for posting a link to an article about Yaniv's complaint about being rejected by a gynecology office while comedian Ricky Gervais mercilessly mocked Yaniv for complaining about the incident.

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