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Transgender pedophile who subjected his 7-year-old daughter to a 'vortex of darkness' sues New Jersey women's prison for hampering his witchcraft
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Transgender pedophile who subjected his 7-year-old daughter to a 'vortex of darkness' sues New Jersey women's prison for hampering his witchcraft

New Jersey permitted a 34-year-old man convicted for torturing and filming pornographic, transgender videos with his 7-year-old daughter to serve his 25-year sentence in a women's prison. The child rapist now claims that the women's facility has wrongfully interfered with his diabolic rituals.

Matthew Volz filed a lawsuit on April 28 in the Hunterdon County Superior Court against the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women.

Volz alleges in the suit that he and the "entire Wiccan population" at the prison — an inmate subset for which he provided no accounting — have suffered religious discrimination and now seek religious accommodations.

What's the background?

TheBlaze previously reported that after serving as president of the Clark College Queer Association, Volz started an amateur "transgender pornography" film business with three other degenerates, including Adam Romero, now a fellow inmate at Edna Mahan. They specialized in violent and fetishistic criminal content.

After Volz and the victim's mother separated, he managed to win custody in 2018. Volz brought the child from Oregon to New Jersey, where he exploited her in his videos, reported Reduxx.

The child suffered horribly until the New Jersey Department of Child Protection intervened in 2019 following an anonymous tip made to the New Jersey Child Abuse hotline. The intervention culminated in Volz's arrest.

"If this was not heinous, cruel and depraved, I don’t know what is," said presiding Judge Peter Tober, stressing that the girl had been taken "solely for the sexual gratification" of others and tortured.

Prosecutors indicated that Volz and his cronies subjected the child to "a vortex of darkness."

Volz was convicted for the sexual torture of his young daughter and sentenced in May 2022 to serve a quarter-century in prison.

Despite having his male genitals fully intact, the New Jersey Department of Corrections classified Volz as a "female."

He is presently serving his sentence at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township along with fellow transvestic child-rapist, Adam Romero.

The lawsuit

Volz's lawsuit alleges that Joy Lynch, head of religious services at Edna Mahan, has denied him various essential religious items, including a witch's cloak.

The brown, hoodless cloak is one of the personal and congregate religious items attributed to wiccans by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Other items include: the "Book of Shadows"; a "diviniation tool"; pentacles; pentagrams; rune cards; salt; and chalices.

The suit also complains that other "religious items have been implicitly denied, because [Lynch] refuses to approve a vendor by which the Wiccan population as a whole may fairly obtain their religious items from source of sale."

While a selection of witchcraft paraphernalia is permitted by the New Jersey Department of Corrections' Internal Management Procedures, state regulations state that only the prison chaplain or a volunteer religious group leader can bring ritualistic items into the facility and store them, reported MyCentralJersey.com.

Even if the transvestic pedophile received his desired accoutrement, the prison might be able to restrict his diabolic practice somewhat to ensure the "maintenance of a safe, secure, and orderly operation of a correctional facility," according to the 2019 NJDOC resource guide.

Volz's lawsuit suggests the prison has already applied some limits in a discriminatory fashion.

The child rapist suggested that prior to Dec. 21, 2022, he was "denied the ability to hold corporate worship during appropriate times of day, despite other religious groups being able to worship at those same appropriate times of day that have been requested."

The suit insinuates that the alleged discrepancy "could be viewed by the community as a form of proselytizing because it encourages participation in some religious groups by incentivizing conversion to those religions," singling out the prison's Jewish population as recipients of alleged unfair favor.

The child rapist seeks $9,950 in compensatory damages, stressing the alleged discrimination has left him with "anxiety due to a lack of information, emotional stress, time loss, uncertainty and resultant planning difficulty for religious holy days and sacraments."

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