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​Triggered leftists caught on video physically attacking College Republicans, destroying display — and apparently getting away with it
Image source: YouTube screenshot

​Triggered leftists caught on video physically attacking College Republicans, destroying display — and apparently getting away with it

Again, this is why President Trump will be re-elected

Once again, triggered leftists have physically attacked conservatives on a college campus — and why? Once again, because they dared to set up a display and exercised their First Amendment rights.

Video caught an ultra woke duo at the University of California, Santa Cruz, walking up to a table set up by College Republicans and destroying it last Friday.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What are the details?

They yelled several times that the "Trump 2020" banner was a "flag of white supremacy." They ripped up and ripped down their signs. They spit on and tried to take away their Betsy Ross flag.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And one of them even knocked down a male defending the group's property.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Worse still, they were seen walking away — apparently without consequences.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Here's the clip:


What else?

Dylan Temple, president of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans, told The College Fix he was doxxed on social media with a false accusation that he attacked individuals at the campus LGBTQ center, which he said was done in retaliation for following the aggressors until police arrived.

"They really brutalized our stand," Temple told the outlet, adding one of the banners they destroyed cost $60 to print. "And after everything was said and done … I told them they were going to get expelled, they decided to leave. At that point I just started following them with my phone."

More from the outlet:

Temple said the reason he followed them is because when his President Trump cut-out was vandalized last semester during another tabling event — and he got pictures of the perpetrators — campus police told him the photos were not enough evidence. This time, Temple said, he wanted to make sure he did not lose sight of the vandals so they could be held accountable.

To that end, Temple said he did enter the Cantú Queer Center in following the two, which is what ended up prompting him to be doxxed with the false claim that he "violently attacked" people at the center.

"The main thing is this is just pure defamation, I didn't attack anyone at the Cantú Queer Center," he told The Fix. "… They painted me as a right wing terrorist."

The Cantú center director and campus police did not respond to a request from The College Fix on Wednesday seeking comment.

Oh, and a lil' twist for ya

Would you believe the incident involved Hayden Williams, a conservative campus activist who was infamously punched in the face last year at UC Berkeley by — you guessed it — someone triggered by his signage declaring "Make America Great Again," the iconic slogan of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign?


Well, believe it.

This time Williams was on the UCSC campus to speak to the College Republicans and was helping them at the table, The Fix reported. Video shows him refusing to let one of the triggered leftists take a “Trump 2020" flag — which ended with him shoved into a bed of large rocks, the outlet noted.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Talk about a run of bad luck.

As for Temple — who told The Fix the doxxing tweet called for him to be beaten up — he said the attack was nothing new.

"We have had our table flipped before, we have had water thrown at our table, but this is the only time besides them destroying the Trump cut-out that there's been really monetary damage," he noted to the outlet. "It's intimidation."

What did UCSC have to say?

A UC Santa Cruz spokesman on Wednesday didn't identify the aggressors in a statement to The Fix.

“Campus officials are aware of an incident that occurred between students on the afternoon of Feb. 7, as members of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans were tabling near the entrance to Quarry Plaza. UC Santa Cruz police are investigating, and hope to have the investigation completed soon," campus spokesman Scott Hernandez-Jason said via email.

Nothing but a pair of harmless, lovable fuzzballsImage source: YouTube screenshot

"UC Santa Cruz is committed to ensuring that all members of our campus community are able to exercise their constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, and assembly, and that they are able to do so in a safe environment. Free speech is uniquely important to a university, as it allows for the open exchange of ideas integral to our fundamental missions," his statement added.

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