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President Trump says it is possible he might be a 'kinder,' 'gentler' — possibly more politically correct — president if he is re-elected


Made the remarks during a new White House interview

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President Donald Trump said that if he is re-elected to a second term in the White House, people may just see a "kinder" and "gentler" version of the president who is more politically correct that he may have been in the past.

What are the details?

In a recent White House interview with OutKick, the president told interviewer Jason Whitlock that he may just have a different tack to his approach with people if re-elected in November.

"When you go into a second term, if you go into a second term, might we see a different personality from President Trump?" Whitlock asked. "A kinder, gentler President Trump?"

Whitlock explained that he felt compelled to see more of the president as he did following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Following her death, the president lauded the late justice as an "amazing woman who led an amazing life."

"I was like, 'Wow, I want — can we see more of that President Trump?'" he asked.

Trump responded, "I think the answer is yes. I want the answer to be yes, but when I first came here, there was so much to do. I didn't have time to be totally and politically correct. ... People don't like me. But, you know, the softer side is good."

The president then went on to list several of the accomplishments he made during the first four years of his administration, and said that success will also bring out a kinder, gentler Trump.

"I think the answer is yes, I think so. And I want to bring it all together," he continued. "And what brings it together is success. ... I hope the answer is yes. But a lot of it is time. ... Being politically correct takes time. And sometimes we don't have time. But the answer is yes, and I'd certainly like to."

What else?

Ahead of the interview, Whitlock spoke with Fox News' Tucker Carlson where he said that the president's momentum among black male voters is increasing.

"I think we've been carrying on a facade for three and a half years as black men that somehow we can't relate to Donald Trump, that we didn't celebrate him in hip hop music for decades, that he wasn't friends with countless black athletes, celebrities, entertainers," Whitlock said.

Discussing the commander in chief, Whitlock added, "He is not politically correct. Those are things, I'm just, I'm sorry, a lot of black men can relate to. It's not really surprising to me he's starting to make headway in that direction."

Whitlock & Trump: The White House Interview

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