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'No way to dress that up': Trump lawyer’s Biden-Burisma arguments draw praise from even CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin


'The only reason he got it is because he was the vice president's son'

Senate Television via Getty Images

Pam Bondi's breakdown of the corruption concerns surrounding Hunter Biden's business dealings in the Ukraine during the Senate impeachment trial were so effective, that even CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin had to give her credit for it.

During the White House defense team's opening arguments Monday, the former Florida attorney general argued that questions about potential corruption surrounding the Bidens' dealings in the Ukraine while Joe Biden was vice president and Hunter Biden was employed as a board member at the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma were indeed legitimate.

"When the House managers gave you their presentation, when they submitted their brief, they repeatedly referenced Hunter Biden and Burisma," Bondi began, adding that "they referenced Biden or Burisma over 400 times" during opening arguments "and when they gave these presentations, they said there was nothing, nothing to see."

Bondi went on to say that Democrats' "case crumbles because they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no basis to raise this concern, but that's not what public records show."

In addition to giving a detailed timeline of Hunter Biden's involvement with Burisma during his father's time in office, as well as the political events in Ukraine at the time, Bondi pointed out how even witnesses called by House Democrats during the impeachment investigation saw potential problems with the matter.

"In fact, every witness who was asked about Hunter Biden's involvement with Burisma agreed there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest," Bondi said. "Multiple House Democrat witnesses, including those from the Department of State, the National Security Council, and other unanimously testified there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest. These were their witnesses."

She also pointed out how multiple legacy media outlets raised questions about Hunter Biden's role at Burisma before the matter ended up at the center of congressional Democrats' efforts to impeach President Trump.


During a CNN segment later Monday, Toobin, the network's legal analyst, admitted that Bondi had done an effective job of pointing out the bad optics of Hunter Biden's Ukrainian employment.

"I thought Attorney General Bondi did an effective job at showing how sleazy the hiring of Hunter Biden was," Toobin said. "There is no way to dress that up. He was given a great deal of money for a job he was unqualified for and the only reason he got it is because he was the vice president's son."

However, Toobin then immediately pivoted to the Trump defense's team's discussion about Joe Biden's role in the matter, "a parade of lies" and "outrageously false in every fact, in every insinuation."

During an interview with ABC News last year, Hunter Biden also admitted that he "probably" wouldn't have gotten the lucrative position at Burisma if his last name weren't Biden.

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