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Liberal readers melt down over the Prospect article on Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News: 'Disgraceful and stupid'

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Liberal readers of the Prospect were absolutely outraged at the framing of its article covering the parting of ways between Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

The piece outlined some of the economic beliefs espoused by Carlson that are aligned with what some believe on the left as well as his opposition to U.S. involvement in the Ukraine War.

"Though Carlson spent years as a staunch libertarian, he made a populist turn around the time of Trump’s election, rejecting many of the free-market doctrines he’d previously espoused," the authors wrote.

“Republican leaders will have to acknowledge that market capitalism is not a religion. Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster. You’d have to be a fool to worship it,” Carlson is quoted as saying.

"That passage of his monologue could have been lifted from a stump speech by Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, progressive senators whose views on economic policy Carlson has at times echoed," the authors continued.

The reaction

Critics were outraged that the article had compared Carlson's beliefs to those of the left, and they attacked the publication online.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo called it "both disgraceful and stupid" and an "embarrassment."

"Just so we're clear, this Prospect piece on Tucker Carlson isn't just mixed, it's entirely hagiographic. It doesn't mention racism, homophobia, or transphobia once. It only mentions Trump once, in passing. It praises Carlson over and over, positioning him as a heterodox populist," read one popular tweet.

"I do not understand how this could possibly have been written in a liberal outlet and it's an insult to the Prospect's audience, especially anyone who isn't white, male, straight, or cis - the vast majority of the population endangered by Carlson's demagoguery," read a second tweet.

"If you ever wonder why an outlet like the prospect would write an article fluffling a fascist sack of s*** like Tucker Carlson, it's almost certainly because the author thinks that being a leftist primarily means being a Putinist and Russian imperialist," responded another critic.

"Genuinely revolting to see @TheProspect lavishing so much praise on Tucker Carlson here," said economics author Zachary Carter.

The apology

By Wednesday, the furor was so great that the editor of the Prospect issued an apology.

"I think the question of how broadcast news covers corporate predation and war, and the ways in which right-populists have attempted to co-opt these topics, can be worth interrogating. But it shouldn't downplay the motivations underlying that coverage; that's where we fell short," wrote David Dyen.

"For those who were disappointed in or angered by the story, I can only say that I respect your view and will work hard to earn back whatever trust has been lost. What I cannot do is turn back time," he added.

Dyen said the company would also publish a response to the piece by two other authors and recorded a podcast that made it clear it really hated Tucker Carlson.

The Prospect was also mocked for its apology.

"We committed an act of journalism and we apologize," joked Zaid Jilani, an independent journalist.

Here's more about Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News:

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