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Twitter 'head of site integrity' behind fact-check that targeted President Trump has anti-Trump record
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Twitter 'head of site integrity' behind fact-check that targeted President Trump said 'Nazis' are in White House, implied middle America is racist

Yoel Roth also compared Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to 'Joseph Goebbels'

Meet Yoel Roth, Twitter's "head of site integrity."

According to Heavy, Roth is behind Twitter's controversial fact-checking initiative that on Wednesday targeted one of President Donald Trump's tweets blasting mail-in ballots over possible election fraud. The tweet soon got slapped with a fact-check link as Twitter viewed it as misleading.

In response, Trump said Twitter is "now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election" and "completely stifling FREE SPEECH" and that he "will not allow it to happen!" Trump also threatened to shut down social media over its actions against him.

And wouldn't you know that Roth appears to be rabidly anti-Trump?

What are the details?

Roth — who began working for Twitter as an intern in 2014 — tweeted in September 2016 that "I've never donated to a presidential campaign before, but I just gave $100 to Hillary for America. We can't f*** around anymore."

On Election Day 2016, he tweeted, "I'm just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason."

Two days after Trump's inauguration, Roth tweeted that there are "actual Nazis in the White House" and in another tweet compared Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to "Joseph Goebbels."

Later in 2017, he called Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a "personality-free bag of farts."

What was the reaction?

More than a few folks chimed in with their disgust that someone with Roth's blatantly left-wing views is in charge of Twitter's "integrity":

  • "Well at least he is non partisan."
  • "Lefties used to be against the suppression of free speech."
  • "Wow! Scary!! I'm always shocked how the left was able to indoctrinate a whole generation so easily. My nieces think the same way. Educated, smart but really believe Republicans are racist, dumb, against helping the poor, etc. They really believe the narrative."
  • "As someone from a flyover state I don't think someone who blatantly discriminates with his arrogance of superiority is someone a company should have in charge of integrity!"
  • "They hire guys like this. Believe me, there are worse people than Yoel who work inside twitter world. Joel is just a public face for them, imagine the far left people they hide from us, who actually are Yoel's superiors. These cats hate the right, hate capitalism and hate us!"
  • "He should leave his opinions at home while he does his day job. They won't come to any harm."

Conway also blasted Roth during a Wednesday interview on "Fox & Friends" — and even gave out his public Twitter handle during the live segment: "This guy is constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it. And he's the head of integrity at Twitter ... It's just horrible the way he looks at people who should otherwise have a free and clear platform on Twitter."

Anything else?

When he was a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, Roth said on video that "most of my interests are about the construction of gay masculinity" and "how things like masculinity are constructed both in and through technology."

Here's the clip:

Student Profile: Yoel Rothyoutu.be

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