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Hilariously unhinged Trump protester at SF free speech rally goes viral after ranting about smashing fascists' free speech
Image source: YouTube screenshot/TheBlaze composite

Hilariously unhinged Trump protester at SF free speech rally goes viral after ranting about smashing fascists' free speech

'I can't tell if I'm a man or a woman!'

A woman is going viral for her foul-mouthed appearance at a recent rally in San Francisco.

What are the details?

Fog City Midge, a conservative filmmaker and producer, visited the free speech rally in San Francisco, where liberal protesters gathered to rail against conservatives standing up for their rights to express their conservative views.

Fog City Midge shared the video on her popular YouTube channel and captioned it, "Fake News Media have pushed a false narrative of Trump supporters being fascists from day one. At the recent Free Speech Rally in SF, Trump-Derangement leftist characters like this show how effective they've been. The hypocrisy is crazy! No problem admitting that sometimes they act like fascists to fight the 'fash.' Unreal!"

During the visit, Midge met up with the protester, who railed against fascism, but admitted that sometimes, you have to use fascism to fight fascism.

Here are some of the protester's most interesting quotes:

  • "I hate fascists. I hate fascism. Fascism is not a political philosophy. Fascism is an illness, it's a plague, it's a disease. It's a tumor! You cut it out! You don't argue with them! You don't debate them!"
  • "'Hey, doctor, can you give me an argument against cancer, please, so I can argue against cancer?' No! No! No."
  • "I'm not intolerant, idiot! My father and my uncles ... got the purple heart! Patton! Ike! Bradley! Montgomery! Churchill! ... [I'm angry] because I hate your fascist ass!"
  • "I'll write your obituary and piss on your grave."
  • "I am very intolerant of fascism, you moron! ... I'm also intolerant of cancer and AIDS, f***head."
  • "If they dox me, they're gonna get the shock of their f***ing life. ... They use face recognition. The tech comes from Putin."
  • "These are stupid f***ing fatso dirtbags living in their mom's basements. They are not ... a threat. But, we do not have to have them on our streets! We should not have to see their ugly faces! Let them go back to their f***ing cellars!"
  • "Of course I'm intolerant!"
  • "The election of Trump encouraged the 'fash' to come out of their basements. We now have fascism because Trump, Trumpism led to fascism. We weren't fascists in 2016."
  • "Their right to be white people who get the jobs first ... who tell me, stupidly, 'I can't tell if you're a man or a woman,' to which I say, 'Neither can I! So f***ing what! Does that mean you get to kill me? Noooo.' I can't tell if I'm a man or a woman.'"

What else?

Elsewhere during the five-minute video, Midge asked the protester if she believed that the whole point of free speech was the ability to demonstrate and march.

"No free speech for fascists! No free speech for cancer! No free speech for HIV!" the protester blared. "No, sorry."

Midge told TheBlaze that the anti-Trump and leftist protesters at the rally "claimed that they were there to 'smash fascism,'" and insisted that "all Trump supporters were 'fascists'" with no right to free speech.

"Sometimes we have to get fascist against the fascists," the protester added. "That's a terrible thing for me to say. I'm a spiritual person."

(Content warning: Rough language):

Trump Protester claims Trump Supporters are “Fascists"!www.youtube.com

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