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Urogynecologist issues mea culpa after using the word 'women,' says he should have referred to 'folks who may need gynecologic care'

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Urogynecologist Ryan Stewart backpedaled on Twitter after using the word "women," saying that he should have instead referred to "folks who may need gynecologic care."

Stewart had initially asked for women's opinions, before backtracking on his word choice.

"I have the opportunity to design my office from scratch," Stewart tweeted. "I’m asking women. How would you design/optimize a visit to the gynecologist’s office?"

But later, he issued a mea culpa, saying that he should not have referred to "women."

"Folks have [correctly] pointed out that I [incorrectly] said 'women' when what I should have said was 'folks who may need gynecologic care,' Stewart tweeted. "I named the practice with this in mind @midwestpelvis, but I find that I still have a lot of internalized/implicit bias."

Some people left comments highlighting the preposterousness of a medical professional in the field of gynecology avoiding the word "women."

"That internal bias is called science, Ryan," Sam Janney (The FOO) of Twitchy tweeted.

"I would design/optimize a visit to a gynaecologist’s office by making sure that gynaecologist knew what a woman was, and wouldn’t avoid using the word ‘woman’ just to get woke points," another person tweeted.

"It’s good that you’re letting potential patients know you don’t understand basic biology so they can move on," another person commented.

"I’d 'optimize' my visit to an OBGYN who doesn’t minimize my sex and use ridiculous language like this," another person wrote.

According to, "Dr. Ryan Stewart is a fellowship trained pelvic surgeon specializing in treatment of women with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor dysfunction."

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