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Bystanders in California neighborhood taunt, threaten police at scene of fatal shooting of female officer


"Whatever officer getting shot, need to be. Y'all all need to be."

(Image source: Twitter screenshot)

"We got guns too," said one of the many citizens in Sacramento, California harassing and taunting police after the shooting of a female officer this week.

"Whatever officer getting shot, need to be. Y'all all need to be. Y'all all need to," said another person.

That officer, 26-year-old Tara O'Sullivan, died later that evening. She had been shot with a rifle while responding to a domestic violence call. As O'Sullivan and other police were helping a female victim gather her belongings and leave the home where the domestic violence allegedly occurred, the assailant opened fire.

From the public statement by Sacramento PD:

On June 19, 2019, the Sacramento Police Department received a call regarding a disturbance between a male and a female. Officers made contact with the involved female at a residence in the 3700 block of Esperanza Drive. Officers then responded to a residence in the 200 block of Redwood Avenue to standby while the involved female gathered some belongings from a residence. At approximately 6:10 p.m., officers on scene reported shots had been fired, and an officer was struck by gun fire. The officer who was shot, Tara Christina O'Sullivan succumbed to her injuries after being transported to the hospital. The suspect, 45-year old Adel Sambrano Ramos, was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges relating to the murder of Officer O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan was shot first, and was down in the backyard of that home as police attempted to reach her while the gunman continued firing at police.

The suspect has been arrested and charged.

The officers in the video below, shared by a photojournalist with Comstock, were securing that horrific and deadly scene when apparent residents of the neighborhood gathered and began berating them.

The video shows the residents taunting the cops, praising the shooting of the officer, and even threatening police with more violence.

“Take that gun off. I'll whoop your little butt," one woman's voice can be heard saying. “All y'all cowards."

Keep in mind those cowards were there to protect a female victim of domestic violence as she attempted to leave a bad situation. It is a miracle that the victim was not also wounded or killed by the ambush shooter.

Keys shared more video later via YouTube.

Police also released bodycam footage of the shooting on Friday.

The videos of these California residents mocking and praising the death of a young female police officer who was responding to a cry for help from a female victim is a disturbing, shameful display, but it's hard to use the words "shocking" or "unexpected" over such things anymore.

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