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VIDEO: As Valentine's Day nears, left-wing female college students reject dating profiles of guys showing love for Trump, guns, GOP


But one said she'd 'definitely' swipe right for fully-masked Black Lives Matter activist since 'this is exactly like, what I would be attracted to'

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Young love in the time of cultural polarization means, for some students apparently, that looks don't matter much at all if a potential date doesn't share your political values.

Campus Reform conducted an experiment recently during a visit to the University of Florida and showed students fake Tinder profiles that included political descriptions — and then asked the students whether they'd be interested in dating those shown.

What was the result?

The result? The female students interviewed — all apparently left-wing politically — unilaterally rejected profiles that indicated support for former President Donald Trump, love for guns, or conservative and Christian values.

For example, one female student said that while the guy donning a suit in one profile is "cute," she'd swipe left because his description indicates he's a "Trump supporter" — and that "Trump is gross."

"He's cute, but I'd probably swipe left because, I mean, If you're going to put 'Trump supporter' in your thing, that's a little bit too much for me," the student declared.

It was more of the same for the unlucky fictitious fellow: "Left," another female quickly decided. "'Trump supporter' took me out."

Yet another said "no" because being a Trump supporter is a "definite deal breaker."

But when shown profiles of fellow left-wing guys, their tunes all changed.

For one profile of a potential date who is "super into protecting the environment," a fellow left-wing female was into it, noting that she's a "sustainability minor" at the school. Another woman said she'd also swipe right for him since she believes climate change is big problem.

And when the women were shown a profile of a left-wing guy whose face was obscured by a mask, it didn't seem to matter — they dug the "Black Lives Matter" sign next to him in the photo.

"We share the same values," one woman said enthusiastically.

"Definitely right," another female student said, adding that "this is exactly like, what I would be attracted to."

But wait!

Campus Reform didn't interview women only. Next up were the fellas. And as a whole they were less staunch when it came to profiles of women whose politics may differ from theirs — and they didn't do as much revealing of their specific values, either.

So does this unscientific sample indicate anything significant? We'll leave that for you to decide.

Students Willing to Politically Discriminate When It Comes to Datingyoutu.be

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