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VIDEO: Florida man arrested after leaving debit card at gas station he allegedly burglarized

Flagler County Sheriff's Office composite

A Florida man was arrested after breaking into a gas station convenience store, taking some items, and leaving his debit card on the counter, the Flagler County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post.

"I didn't want to steal anything. That's against the law," Lantz Kurtz, 20, told officers about why he allegedly left his debit card on the counter of the Palm Coast gas station.

"It's all on the security camera, I'm sure," the Cocoa Beach 20-year-old added. He said he left the card "so that I could come back later and pay for it ... just so that [the convenience store owner] could know my name."

Lantz was right about one thing. His actions were, indeed, caught on the store's surveillance camera. It was that footage, coupled with the debit card, that led police officers to him.

In the video, Lantz says he broke in to the gas station's back door with a knife.

Deputies responded to an alarm activation at the station early in the morning on February 5. They reportedly found the front door unlocked and Kurtz's debit card on the counter near the register.

After seeing surveillance footage provided by the store owner, officers reportedly recognized Kurtz from a vehicle fire near the gas station earlier that same night.

In the video below, Lantz is standing alongside his disabled car interacting with the officers who apprehended him.

"He must have really wanted those items to break into a closed convenience store to get them,” said Sheriff Rick Staly in the post. “Leaving a debit card behind does not absolve you from theft or committing a burglary."

Staly praised Sergeant Parthemore and Deputies Hartley and Fowler for "quickly identifying, interviewing, and arresting the suspect."

Police quickly returned all of the stolen merchandise back to the store owner, the post also says.

"This is exactly why I implemented district policing when I became Sheriff in 2017," Staly said. "With district policing, deputies get to learn their assigned area and the criminals that try to prey on our community.”

The suspect was booked into the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility early in the morning on February 5. He was released later that afternoon on a $10,000 bond.

Kurtz is charged with armed burglary of a dwelling/structure and first degree petit theft.

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