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Video: Good Samaritan is all done playing, brutally throws apparent shoplifter into security gate after physical struggle over bags

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

Video caught the moment when a good Samaritan easily got the upper hand against an apparent shoplifter who became physical after he tried to stop her from leaving a California store.

What are the details?

The customer became involved when two women tried to exit a T.J. Maxx in Mira Loma while carrying armfuls of merchandise, KABC-TV reported, adding that a witness said the altercation occurred about 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

While one of the women got out of the store before the good Samaritan could step into action, her apparent partner in crime — who was trailing behind — wasn't so lucky.

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

The man got between the second woman and the store's exit and grabbed the bags she was toting as she attempted to get away.

She didn't like that too much.

Indeed, once the good Samaritan grabbed the stuff she was carrying, she hit the much larger man in the face not once, but twice.

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

But that didn't deter the good Samaritan. He got hold of her head and brutally introduced it to a security gate near the exit.

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

She still put up a fight, however, struggling and screaming as he grabbed her hair and soon pinned her to the store's floor.

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

Eventually, the alleged shoplifter was able to get away — but without the two bags she apparently tried to take, KABC said.

The station said law enforcement made a report, and no arrest has taken place.

How did folks react?

While some video commenters on Facebook said the good Samaritan's actions weren't worth it, others gave him kudos:

  • "I think all [good] Samaritans should get involved and take down these weak low-life individuals who think they can walk in a store and take what they want," one commenter wrote. "Get a job and pay for your purses like the rest of us!!!"
  • "If they keep this up we will have zero stores. How sad," another commenter said. "Hats off to this dude. At least someone doesn’t turn a blind eye."
  • "Good for him!" another commenter wrote. "Love that somebody actually did something to try to stop these thieves. If we don’t do anything, this will just keep getting worse. We need to take a stand!"

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