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Video: Leftist militant sucker-punches videographer in head outside drag queen story hour — and sheriff's deputy standing just feet away does nothing

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SamBraslow

A leftist militant was caught on video sucker-punching a videographer in the head outside a drag queen story hour in West Hollywood over the weekend — and a sheriff's deputy standing just feet away did nothing in response.

What are the details?

The aforementioned violence took place Saturday outside the the West Hollywood Library, which drew competing protests over the drag queen reading. The WEHO Times — an LBGTQ-friendly publication — reported that things were "peaceful for the most part. At one point one of the protesters tried to enter the Drag Story Hour space, and he was rushed by supporters of the event, which led to a ruckus inside the library."

In a clip posted to Twitter by Los Angeles reporter Samuel Braslow, a videographer dressed in purple and blue repeatedly begs an L.A. Sheriff's Office deputy standing next to him for protection from a growing number of leftists moving toward him.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SamBraslow

Not getting any pushback from the deputy, the left-wing mob appears emboldened and closes in. One of them mocks the videographer, crying out in a faux child's voice, "Can you walk me?"

The deputy then begins walking away from the videographer, who asks, "Why are you leaving me, sir?"

Enter a leftist who has completely disguised his body with a hat, black ski mask, dark sunglasses, and black gloves:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SamBraslow

Well, that visually anonymous leftist sucker-punches the videographer in the head as if it was a free shot with no consequences.

Apparently it was.

The deputy in question raises a finger at the attacker but makes no move toward him, saying rather half-heartedly, "Stop fighting, sir." Not only did that deputy appear to witness the physical attack, but other deputies standing farther away did also — and none of them did a thing about it:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SamBraslow

The rest of the video shows the videographer repeatedly begging deputies to "please don't leave me!" and trying to get away from a crowd of about 10 surrounding him. When the videographer is able to get away, a leftist in sheik garb actually chases after him — right past the deputies, who again do nothing. The videographer then runs into the library lobby to get away from the mob.

Here's the clip:

Braslow posted other videos preceding the punch. One shows the same completely disguised leftist wrestling away the videographer's cell phone as the videographer screams for help, followed by the leftist dressed like a sheik stomping on it. The deputies' response? "Stop fighting! Stop fighting!"

Anything else?

The WEHO Times added that while a small group showed up to protest the story hour, a "larger group of over 50 people rallying in defense of the event" outnumbered the protesters who "dwindled to one person standing by himself on San Vicente Boulevard while holding a sign that read, 'leave kids alone.'"

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