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Video shows Boeing 737 carrying 132 souls nose-diving from 30,000 feet, crashing in China

Photo by Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

A Boeing 737 with 132 passengers and nine crew members on board crashed in China's southern province of Guangxi on Monday.

What are the details?

According to various reports, the flight — which was operated by China Eastern — was seen on video nose-diving from 30,000 feet before crashing, which resulted in a massive fire that was so large it could be seen by a NASA satellite.

In a statement on the disaster, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said that the flight was traveling from Kunming in the western providence of Yunnan to the industrial center of Guangzhou along the country's east coast when it inexplicably nose-dived and crashed into a mountainous area.

"China Eastern's flight No. 5735 had been traveling at around 30,000 feet when suddenly, just after 0620 GMT, the plane entered a deep dive at its cruising altitude speed of 455 knots (523 mph)," Fox Business reported on Monday morning. "The data suggests the plane crashed within a minute and a half of whatever went wrong."

Experts, according to reports, believe that a catastrophic loss of control led up to the crash.

Neither the number of fatalities nor injuries are known at the time of this reporting.

CCTV footage of what is believed to show the crash shows the aircraft racing vertically toward the ground before it ultimately ended up exploding into a fireball on a rural mountainside.

The Daily Mail reported that one rescue official reportedly said that "the plane had completely disintegrated while a fire sparked by the crash ripped through bamboo and trees before being put out."

One purported witness added that the jet had "completely fallen apart," and said that the forest was "destroyed" by the ensuing fire.

This is a breaking news story and will be accordingly updated as events warrant.

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