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VIDEO: Utility workers turn their backs on Biden as presidential motorcade passes in wake of Hurricane Ida catastrophe

Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

A video showing utility workers turning their backs on President Joe Biden as his motorcade passed them on a Louisiana road in the wake of Hurricane Ida has gone viral — and the workers' act of defiance has earned them more than a few kudos.

What are the details?

It isn't clear exactly where and when the cellphone video was recorded, but a New Orleans ambulance passed by after the Biden motorcade, so the back-turn presumably took place somewhere in the vicinity of the Crescent City.

Biden on Friday also delivered remarks in LaPlace, Louisiana — which is about 32 miles northwest of New Orleans — on his administration's response to Hurricane Ida.

As the motorcade approached, a couple of utility workers watched facing forward —

Image source: YouTube screenshot

— but as Biden & Co. drew closer, the pair turned their backs on the president, along with about five other utility workers:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"No respect," the individual recording the video said after he and his co-workers were done turning the backs on Biden.

Here's the clip:

Shoutout to these utility workers in Louisiana who turned their back on Joe Biden youtu.be

'God bless you all!'

Praise for the utility workers poured in all over social media. Here's a sampling from the "top comments" underneath the YouTube clip:

  • "No one likes these people. Biden is incompetent. Harris is MIA. Their underlings are running things," one commenter wrote. "Ask Democrats a simple question: 'Is America safer and better off than we were 1 YEAR ago?' Not 4 years ago. 1 year. It's taken less than 9 months for this administration to screw things up worse than anyone could have imagined."
  • "I'm surprised there was no hearse in the procession," another commenter quipped. "After all, he's a walking cadaver."
  • "Middle fingers would have enhanced it even more," another commenter said.
  • "You guys (and gals) ROCK!" another commenter exclaimed. "This administration is filled with cretins."
  • "Thank you for helping! God bless you all!" another commenter wrote. "We stand with you turning our backs on Biden and his gang!"
  • "This is what happens when you let a magic box decide. You get a crash dummy for a president," another commenter offered.

(H/T: Western Journal)

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