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Video: Veteran interpreter breaks into tears while translating Zelenskyy’s speech as Ukraine survives another night

Image source: Twitter video creenshot

A veteran video interpreter who was translating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Sunday speech broke into tears while detailing Ukraine's resolve against attacking Russian forces.

What are the details?

Video shared to social media showed the interpreter — a woman who remains unidentified at the time of this post and working for a German news outlet — pausing, choking up, and finally breaking into tears while translating Zeleskyy's speech while on the air.

Zelenskyy in the speech was describing how the war-torn country had sustained another day of Russian attacks.

"Russia is on the path of evil," Zelenskyy said in the speech. "The world must deprive Russia of the right to vote on the U.N. Security Council."

The interpreter then paused and began to choke up while delivering Zelenskyy's following lines.

"Ukrainians," the country's president continued, "we know exactly what we are defending. We will definitely win. Last night was brutal in Ukraine. Again, the shelling, again the bombing of residential areas and civilian infrastructure."

As she continued speaking, she broke once more and took a breath, reportedly saying "sorry" before going off the air.

Zelenskyy added that the country is set to fight for as long as it takes to "liberate the country" and that Russian forces would only come in heavier and in a more vicious way.

“The night was hard,” he added. “The people rose to defend their state, and they showed their true faces. This is terror. They are going to bomb our Ukrainian cities even more. They are going to kill our children even more insidiously. This is an evil that has come to our land and must be destroyed.”

He added, "If children are born in shelters, even when the shelling continues, then the enemy has no chance in this — undoubtedly — people's war. To victory! Glory to Ukraine!"

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