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Bizarre viral video shows woman  wearing '$40,000 Rolex' and trashing face mask display at Target: 'This s**t is f***ing over!'


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Image source: Twitter video screenshot

An Arizona woman — who boasted about wearing a $40,000 Rolex watch — went viral after filming herself trashing a face mask display in a local Target.

What are the details?

The woman, identified as Melissa Rein Lively, can be seen in the store approaching the display of face masks.

"Finally," she says, "we meet at the end of the road. I've been looking forward to this s**t all my f***ing life."

She can be seen knocking all of the masks from the display and onto the floor, saying, "So, Target, I'm not playing any more f***ing games. This s**t is f***ing over. This s**t's over. Yeah! Woo!"

When employees approach the woman, she insists she be permitted to rant and rave in the store as she sees fit.

"This is over," one employee insists, referring to Lively's behavior.

"Why?" Lively snaps. "You let everyone else do it. ... I can't do it because I'm a blonde, white woman? That's wearing a f***ing $40,000 Rolex? I don't have the f***ing right to f*** s**t up?"

The video ends, but another video catches Lively — who reportedly runs a PR company in Scottsdale, Arizona — speaking with police officers about the encounter at what appears to be her home.

"They drained the swamp," she says. "They did everything that Donald Trump was elected to do. You can read about it on Twitter. You can read about it on the news. All the deep state politicians. It's done."

She doesn't reveal who "they" are during the rant.

During her exchange with officers, Lively can be heard insisting that she's a "QAnon spokesperson" for the White House.

"I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson," she can be heard telling officers and later insists that cops are targeting her because she's Jewish.

"This is a Nazi f***ing game!"

Content warning: rough language

What else?

According to Heavy, Lively appeared on a Scottsdale radio program in June, where the host described her as a "political expert."

During an interview about the Scottsdale mayoral race and the COVID-19 pandemic, radio host Billy Harfosh introduced Lively, who he said is "tapped into what's happening in Scottsdale."

About masks and the local government, Lively said, "Where does government overreach take place and where does personal responsibility begin? When is it appropriate for a mayor or a governor or a federal government or anything to put restrictions on what people can do and what businesses can do?"

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