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VIDEO: Women twerk atop Chicago police SUV while it's moving. Cops say they're investigating; observers say it's disgusting.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @CWBChicago, composite

Chicago police said they're investigating a viral video showing a trio of women twerking on top of a department SUV as it's making a right-hand turn, WBBM-TV reported.

What are the details?

Information on the incident is scant. It's not clear where or on what date the nighttime clip was recorded. What is clear is that the vehicle's number is 8289, three women are on its hood and roof, and a crowd of excited onlookers follow the moving vehicle on foot while recording cellphone video of the incident.

"The Chicago Police Department is aware of a video that surfaced on social media showing several females riding on a marked squad car," Deputy Director Tom Ahern said in a statement, WFLD-TV reported.

What did observers have to say?

Reactions to the clip on Twitter seemed mixed. While the women's behavior clearly is unacceptable to some observers, others have no problem with it — and even chided detractors:

  • "Until white people start treating them like human beings instead of animals..until you start respecting them and seeing their dignity and worth...you will continue to get the results you're getting," one commenter said.
  • Another user replied similarly: "1. Was the vehicle stolen? 2. Did anyone get arrested or hurt? 3. NOTHING to see here[;] the weather was nice and everyone had a great time."
  • "Yeah, how f***ing embarrassing that after literal centuries of police brutality & oppression, black people were allowed to dance in front of [police] and even delay their patrol by a few seconds," another commenter observed sarcastically. "It was much less embarrassing when police just shot them in the face every day."

Others disagreed, saying such behavior is indicative of the brazen mistreatment of and disrespect for police some people have demonstrated of late:

  • "If you don't see anything wrong with this video, it shows just how sick our society has become," one commenter wrote. "The person in the squad car needs to disciplined. This shows very little and poor respect for everyone involved."
  • "Some of us consider normalizing the decline of society to be a problem," another user said.
  • "To the Chicago PD HQ, why in the name of God are you allowing this to happen???" another commenter asked.

A trend afoot?

Just a little over a week ago, St. Louis officials and residents were left disgusted by videos showing a group of late-night revelers jumping on top of a police car with an officer inside.

Videos show people dancing on top of St. Louis police car on Washington Avenue youtu.be

It appears police across America have been facing a growing level of abuse as citizens doling it out are getting bolder and bolder about it.

Who can forget the viral clip of people dumping buckets of water on New York City police officers — and cops having little choice but to simply walk away as they're doused over and over?

Cuomo And NYPD's War Of Words Over Water Bucket Incidents www.youtube.com

And, of course, there was the April clip of an anti-cop protester recording himself walking along a row of Portland officers, flipping off each one of them as he bellowed, "F*** you! Quit your f***in' job!"

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