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Virginia vs. New Jersey: Video highlights blatant hypocrisy of CNN and MSNBC on ending mask mandates

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When Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) kept his campaign promise to let parents opt their children out of school mask mandates, he was vilified by the left-wing media and accused of putting politics over science. Of course, now that Democratic governors like New Jersey's Phil Murphy are doing the same thing, the media is singing a different tune.

By now, conservatives expect hypocrisy and double standards from the left-wing media. But a new video published by the Washington Free Beacon showing the dramatic shift in how CNN and MSNBC covered mask mandates being lifted in blue states vs. red states should really drive the point home for anyone with functioning eyes and ears.

GOP's Youngkin Was Villain for Lifting Mask Mandate. Dem Phil Murphy a Hero for Doing the Samewww.youtube.com

To recap: Youngkin signed an executive order giving parents a choice to opt their children out of school mask mandates on his very first day in office in January. Some Virginia school districts ended mask mandates at once. Others in more liberal areas of the state vowed to fight the governor on this issue and filed legal challenges seeking to block the order from taking effect.

In typical response, the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN freaked out. Virginia's new Republican governor was accused of taking the state "back 50 years." Youngkin was called names like "stupid" and "clown." Pundits made dire predictions that "kids will die," which didn't come true.

Fast-forward one month to February, and Democratic governors in Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey are lifting their statewide school mask mandates. Even New York and California are set to remove some of their mask restrictions, as the surge of Omicron cases in those states has subsided and vaccines are widely available for free.

And of course, those Democrats are celebrated on TV networks for making wise decisions "driven by science, not politics." Those states are "headed in the right direction" and the governors' actions are "signs the country is pushing to get back to normal."

The difference between the media narrative about Youngkin and the one about Murphy is night and day.

After Youngkin gave parents a choice, MSNBC tweeted, "'In his first 10 days, he's gone backwards toward Trump': Experts discuss Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin banning school districts from requiring masks."

But after Murphy lifted New Jersey's statewide mask mandate, the network's coverage read: "'This is the right step': New Jersey governor lifts mask mandate for schools and day cares starting March 7."

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