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Farmer builds 250-foot long wall of poop on property line after dispute with neighbor

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A Michigan farmer reportedly built up a "poop wall" after a dispute with a neighbor, according to Fox News.

What are the details?

Wayne Lambarth said that his neighbor, a fellow farmer, erected a 250-foot-long wall of manure along their respective properties in Lodi Township following a property line dispute that reportedly took place in 2020.

Lambarth said that the wall isn't just an eyesore — it stinks to high heaven.

"Normally they spread it on the field but they decided to make a fence out of it," Lambarth explained.

He added that he has tenants that live in the home on his property, and they have complained about the stench.

One of the tenants told WJBK-TV, "It's just a s**t pile over there."

The other tenant added, "It's like you can't leave the window open. The whole upstairs will smell like it."

The neighbor, who remains unidentified at the time of this reporting, denied that the structure is a "poop wall."

"It's a compost fence," he told the station.

WJBK's Charlie Langton and Amber Ainsworth wrote, "He was also told that his neighbor did not like the poop, to which he responded something inaudible about not liking the price of milk before he got back to work on his farm."

The outlet reported that local officials can do nothing about the feces fence because it is on private property.

This isn't the first time a person used dung as ammunition in a private fight: In 2019, authorities placed an Oregon man on probation for three months after he reportedly used a "poop bomb" on a friend with whom he had a dispute.

Michigan man builds poop wall next to neighbor's home after dispute www.youtube.com

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