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Washington Post political cartoon labels trucker convoy as 'fascism,' which ignites fierce firestorm: 'Devoid of wit or truth. Shameful and pathetic.'
Christinne Muschi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Washington Post political cartoon labels trucker convoy as 'fascism,' which ignites fierce firestorm: 'Devoid of wit or truth. Shameful and pathetic.'

Since Jan. 15, unvaccinated Canadian truckers re-entering Canada from the United States are required to get a COVID-19 test and quarantine themselves. The vaccine passport sparked Canadian truckers to engage in a protest against the vaccination order.

The massive convoy of up to 50,000 Canadian truck drivers drove to Ottawa for a protest against vaccine mandates this weekend. The "Freedom Convoy" was applauded by crowds of Canadians who gathered at the side of the road to cheer on the drivers.

However, not everyone supported the anti-vaccine mandate movement by the truckers. Michael de Adder — the political cartoonist for the Washington Post — drew a convoy of tractor-trailers with the word "Fascism" written on the vehicles. On Friday, de Adder shared the cartoon on Twitter with the hashtags "fascism" and "supplychain."

The cartoon was immediately bashed on Twitter by a variety of commenters.

Editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway : "The far-left Washington Post, owned by one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men, defends tyranny of the elite regime it's part of by saying that citizen opposition to it is ... you guessed it ... fascism. Such evil."

Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger : " The irony here is outrageous and ridiculous. ... They are desperately protesting against governments that are forcing them to inject substances into their bodies. For this you call *them* fascists?"

YouTube host Tim Pool : "These people think that when the working class resists the elites it's fascism."

BlazeTV host Matt Kibbe : "'Fascism' apparently means refusing to continue serving an elite laptop class that insists they have first claim on your life and livelihood."

Political commentator Jack Posobiec : "And just like that, the liberals attack workers on strike."

YouTube content creator Maram Susli : "He's a political cartoonist for the Washington Post. A tool of the regime. This is how it's going to be from now on, 'Champagne Socialists' calling the working class fascists and anti-semites for rejecting the great reset."

Writer Frank J. Fleming : "I guess considering what leftists think fascism is, it’s no wonder to them 'anti-fascists' are dumb thugs running around randomly brutalizing people and burning things down."

Columnist Sohrab Ahmari : "They hate workers."

Canadian talk show host Andrew Lawton : "Two years to get from 'essential workers are heroes' to 'truckers are fascist.' Picture worth 1000 words indeed."

Welsh stand-up comedian Abi Roberts : "Imagine being @deAdder and thinking you’re one of the good guys."

Columnist Cory Morgan : "Some folks really haven't a clue what fascism is. Sad really. History lessons have been lost."

Author Sheila Gunn Reid : "Imagine thinking that people resisting medical coercion are the fascists. Good job holding the people to account on behalf of the government. Smh."

Author James Lindsay : "Imagine having to live with getting this issue this wrong for the rest of your life."

Correspondent Avi Yemini : "The whole world sees through your sad attempt to yet again smear decent working-class people. You guys tried the same trick against Melbourne construction workers when they rebelled. We stand with the truckers. Against tyranny, Trudeau and the mainstream media lies."

Singer Phil Labonte : "The only group of people that call everything they don't like fascism are communists. They do this for a multitude of reasons but one of the reasons is because fascism is so radioactive. These people need to be mocked and ridiculed."

Columnist Kurt Schlichter : "There’s nothing more fascist than truck drivers. This is a smart take from a smart person."

Strategist Greg Price : "Fascism is when working class citizens won't do as they're told."

Writer Pat Condell : "A vile and slanderous cartoon. Devoid of wit or truth. Shameful and pathetic."

Digital director Logan Hall : "Their ideology is a cudgel. altering words and reality at whim to beat you into submission."

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus : "These clowns wouldn't know fascism if it stabbed them in the arm multiple times."

Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha : "Everyone who disagrees with me is a fascist. And I mean EVERYONE!"

Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon : " Being part of elite liberal media means calling it 'fascism' when the working-class folks who brought the food to your door during the plague so you could sit at home in your pajamas typing 'STOP THE SPREAD STAY HOME' on Twitter dare to speak up for themselves against your edicts."

Journalist Ezra Levant : "This is pure projection. Fascism is the collusion of Big Government and Big Business. Crony capitalism, enforced by state violence."

Social commentator Lauren Chen : "If you think the working class standing up to the government trying to mandate citizens consume big pharma's products, you just might be an idiot."

In 2019, de Adder received backlash to a macabre cartoon of then-President Donald Trump standing over the bodies of two drowned migrants at a golf course.

The Washington Post also published an opinion piece attacking the trucker convoy on Friday, the Daily Wire reported.

"The movement shares an affinity with Trumpist toxic authoritarianist politics," wrote David Moscrop.

"Time and time again we learn the lesson, or at least come across it, that teaches us that rage-soaked antigovernment types can’t be reasoned with," Moscrop claimed. "This time around, the convoy has produced an incoherent ‘memorandum of understanding’ premised upon a misunderstanding of government and absurd demands. Of course, the memo should be ignored. It’s the product of a temper tantrum."

"They are driven by a generalized rage, misplaced anger about supply chain challenges and antigovernment sentiment," he continued.

Then Moscrop brought race into the discussion regarding a protest against government vaccine mandates, "These types of groups are typically driven by attitudes, grievances and priorities of such a nature that they pose a particular risk to racialized folks and other groups that are traditionally the target of hate and violence."

Moscrop later spouted common leftist talking points, "The convoy speaks of threats to liberty. It would be close to something if the participants weren’t so far off. Threats to liberty are rampant in Canada, but not because of vaccine mandates. Rather, it is income and wealth inequality; worker exploitation; gendered, religious, racialized and other forms of hate violence; ongoing settler colonialism; and other forms of structural marginalization and oppression that compromise liberty."

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