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Washington state Democrat celebrates vandalism of pro-life billboard

Image source: Video screenshot

A Washington state Democratic lawmaker is gleeful that a pro-life billboard in Gorst has been vandalized by pro-abortion activists.

In an Instagram video, state Sen. Emily Randall celebrates how a pro-life message was "decorated" by pro-abortion activists. Smiling, she tells her followers that she "had to pull over when I saw the decorated/corrected billboard."

The billboard was paid for by the Anti-Choice Project, a pro-life nonprofit group that wants to "end abortion by showing Americans what abortion does to a helpless baby, since injustices which are covered up have no hope of ending," according to the group's website.

It originally stated, "Some choices are wrong," and "End abortion," and featured a picture of a developing fetus. But it was defaced — the word "wrong" was crossed out with graffiti and replaced with "healthcare." Vandals also crossed out the phrase, "End abortion."

"Abortion is healthcare. Fight for your rights," Randall posted in a caption for her video, which was first reported by the Jason Rantz Show on KKTH.


In a statement to Rantz, Randall's Republican opponent, State Rep. Jesse Young, condemned the senator for celebrating vandalism against pro-life organizations at a time when churches and pro-life pregnancy centers have come under attack from abortion rights extremists.

“Senator Randall’s reckless attitude toward crime is why I’m leaving my safe seat and running to unseat her,” Young said. “This isn’t a game and real lives are being impacted while she ignores the hurt in our communities and blames our police.”

He raised concerns that Randall's supporters may interpret her video "as license to step up their vandalism to more serious crime."

“For the safety of our constituents, she should not just apologize for her unprofessional post and disavow the vandalism, she should also actively advocate for peaceful and respectful consideration as we work through incredibly tough and divisive issues,” Young said.

Randall did not respond to requests for comment from the "Jason Rantz Show."

In her time in Washington's state legislature, Randall has earned a reputation as a staunch pro-choice legislator. Last month, she declared her intention to introduce a bill that would prevent hospital mergers involving faith-based organizations if those deals would limit abortion access.

The bill has the support of Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, who believes the state should have the authority to block hospital mergers if they would limit access to abortion, transgender medical procedures or hormone regimens, or physician-assisted suicide.

"It doesn't do you a lot of good if you have the legal protection — if you are safe from the Republican Party and the Supreme Court — but there's no one to provide the service," Inslee told Axios last month.

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