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Watch company issues stark and powerful pro-police ad amid nationwide outcry against cops
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Watch company issues stark and powerful pro-police ad amid nationwide outcry against cops

They want to honor the sacrifices police officers make

While many cities and organizations speak out against police in America and call for defunding law enforcement, Egard Watches is not one of them.

The luxury watch company has released a decidedly pro-police advertisement in light of the nationwide protests against police officers and police brutality.

What are the details?

The ad, which was released Friday on YouTube, shows footage of police officers performing extreme acts of heroism, including saving the life of a choking baby.

"This world is so imperfect. It's full of pain and fear," a narrator says. "Despite all the chaos, all the judgment, we know that so many of you are good.

"We forget how human we are. How human we all are. Including you," the video continues. "And that among all the sacrifice, mistakes can be made, and bad people do exist. We know that a world without you would not be better — but far, far worse. And for that, we thank you."

"We know how much of your sacrifice goes unnoticed, and we know that the worst of you get the spotlight instead of the best," the ad notes. "So many of you have given your lives to protect ours, to keep us safe. We will not stand by and let your work go unnoticed. We will speak truth."

The ad ends with a sobering fact: "Over 60 million Americans have police interactions per year. Many of which result in lives being saved."

What else?

Ilan Srulovicz, the company's owner, told The Daily Wire that the concept for the ad was easy: speaking the truth about police.

"Initially, I was actually quite critical of the police," he admitted. "The video of George Floyd really struck me. I very much want to see better training for police and accountability, but as time went on I realized the actions we are seeing today are so damaging — vilifying all police when so many are good and risk their lives."

Srulovicz added that the atmosphere around policing has become "truly toxic."

"I don't want to live in a world without police," he insisted. "I want to see a world where police and communities can come together and improve. I don't want to see segregation. I want to see unity, and yet all I see at the moment is narratives that will hurt not only police but the people in the communities these protesting organizations claim to want to help."

He also said that so many people are afraid to speak up in support of law enforcement, but he refuses to be one.

"Police and people within communities were attacked, some killed, and the media refuses to condemn it," he said. "We have rhetoric that is so segregationist at this point and based entirely on people's skin color, and it's being celebrated. This is not the America I want to see.

"Every company I see at the moment is pandering and virtue-signaling," Srulovicz continued. "None of them actually care. None of them are willing to actually take a risk. It's shocking to me that not a single company is willing to say something as simple as 'This is going too far. Abolishing police is not the answer.'"

He concluded, "It's time for us to stop living in fear and speak the truth. Yes, there are problems that have to be addressed, but what is happening right now isn't right. I never imagined it getting this bad."

Speak Truth - A message that needs to be heardwww.youtube.com

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