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WATCH: Democratic voters outside debate site are asked to name one Joe Biden accomplishment, and it doesn't go well


'His greatest accomplishment was being the vice president for [Barack] Obama'

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With former Vice President Joe Biden still leading the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips paid a visit to Detroit and asked Democratic voters outside the venue for the second round of debates one simple question:

Can they name a Biden accomplishment?

The breakdown

The interview query seemed to catch most folks by surprise — after which they had a lot of trouble coming up with valid answers. Or any answer.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

  • "I don't know."
  • "No."
  • "I don't know of a specific accomplishment of his," one woman replied. "I know there are things that he can put his name and say, 'Well, this was done while i was in office, this was done while i was in office.'"
  • "I'll be honest with you, I'm drawing a blank on what he accomplished," a man replied before adding that Biden "fought for America."
  • "Health care," another woman said, adding Biden was "very instrumental with that." (Uh, really?)
  • "I don't know if i have an answer for that."
  • One man pointed out Biden's "years of service ... and more recently he served with very much distinction with [former President Barack] Obama."
  • Another woman opined that "he's an honest and a decent man, and that to me speaks volumes."
  • "I don't know," one guy said. "I really wasn't prepared for that question, clearly."

And there was more Obama coat-tailing:

  • "Being vice president," one observer said, adding that Biden has "staying power."
  • "His greatest accomplishment was being the vice president for Obama," another guy said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Democratic voter priorities

Along with his Biden question, Phillips also asked the Democratic voters about their priorities when it comes to naming a challenger to President Donald Trump. Survey says:

  • The economy
  • Health care
  • Climate change
  • Legalization of marijuana

And of course, putting "anybody but Trump" in office.

Democrat Voters Can't Name Biden Accomplishmentyoutu.be

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