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Watch: Touching moment Samford University football player honors his stepfather with name change


'I just want his legacy to live on forever.'

Image source: Samford University Athletics video screenshot

A Samford University football player formerly known as George Andrew Grimwade changed his name to George Grimwade Musto last month, in order to honor the man who raised him.

George shared the emotional moment he surprised his longtime stepfather, Michael Musto, and showed off the new moniker displayed on the back of his jersey ahead of a game.

What are the details?

A video of George, 22, explaining his decision to Michael was shared by multiple sports sites, and is spreading like wildfire across social media.

"Hey, you know how much I love you, right?" George asks Michael in the clip. "And how I always treasure the time I have with you? And how you're my world?"

"Yeah," Michael repeats after each question.

"I got my last name changed," George then says, "I'm now George Grimwade Musto. Look at my jersey." With that, George turns around to show off his new surname, before facing his father once again as the two embrace and tears flow.

As they hug, Michael tells George, "Oh God, I love you," before facing the man he raised and adding, "You're my son."

Viewer warning: This is a tear-jerker.

"So, I decided to change my name because my stepdad — which sounds weird calling him my stepdad 'cause he's always been my dad to me — he doesn't have anyone to carry on his last name, and he raised me ever since I was in second grade," George says in a separate video released by Stamford University Athletics, profiling his decision. "And I feel like I owe it to him to carry on his last name."

"Hopefully, when I have kids," George continues, "they can carry on that last name. I just want his legacy to live on forever."

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