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WATCH: Trump fake 'thanks' Rep. Ilhan Omar during Republican Jewish Coalition speech


'Oh, I forgot. She doesn't like Israel, I forgot.'

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President Trump addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday in an eventful speech during which he addressed topics like the Golan Heights, the Iran Deal, and the leadership of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also faced hecklers and took a shot at Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The opening of Trump's speech was almost immediately interrupted by anti-Israel protesters who shouted about "occupation". But he persisted, and during his remarks thanking various participants and groups, he mockingly thanked Omar, who has faced a great deal of criticism recently over anti-Semitic statements she's made both since her election and prior to it.

"And a special thanks to Representative Omar, of Minnesota," said Trump. The audience immediately began to boo her, and Trump continued.

"Oh. Oh, I forgot. She doesn't like Israel, I forgot," he said. "I'm sorry. On. No, she doesn't like Israel, does she? Please, I apologize."

The crowd laughed along with it. The Republican Jewish Coalition has previously weighed in on statements about Israel from Rep. Omar. Last month, RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said that Omar has "lit an ugly dumpster-fire of anti-Semitism in Congress," and called some her statements "toxic anti-Semitic eruptions."

"The Minnesota congresswoman has also accepted the lie that Israel is an "apartheid state" conducting "genocide" against Palestinians," he wrote. "A claim is not only untrue but fundamentally anti-Semitic."

It is that claim which the protesters at the speech were repeating. According to a statement from the protest group claiming to have caused the interruption, the chant shouted at the President included the phrase "the Occupation is a plague."

Rep. Omar is also in the news this weekend for an alleged death threat against her, which was given over the phone and for which a New York man claiming to support President Trump has been arrested.

Watch the President's remark about Rep. Omar below, or find his full speech to Coalition here.

In speech to Republican Jewish Coalition Trump mockingly thanks Rep. Ilhan Omar, then corrects.

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