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VIDEO: Violent clashes erupt between Antifa and police during protests over naked transgender person at Wi Spa in LA: 'Antifa's gonna kill you!'

Image via Twitter @BGOnTheScene screenshot

Los Angeles Police Department officers and Antifa militants engaged in violent clashes on Saturday during protests sparked by the incident where a biological man, who identified as a female, was reportedly naked at a California spa in front of women and young girls in late June. There were dueling demonstrations outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, which escalated when police attempted to separate a protest by Antifa and transgender activists from a counter-protest by religious demonstrators, conservatives, and feminist activists.

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager covered the protests and the ensuing violence, and posted video of the confrontations, which became violent at times.

(Content Warning: Graphic video):

The demonstrations quickly escalated after Antifa members reportedly threw "several smoke bombs and water bottles" at the opposing protesters. LAPD officers immediately took action against Antifa, and are seen hitting the agitators with batons.

An officer fired a non-lethal munition at a woman during the skirmish.

Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez shared a compilation video of protesters being verbally abusive toward police officers.

In a video shared on Twitter by Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo, a protester screams at cops, "Antifa's gonna kill you, b*tch!"

The LAPD released a statement saying that smoke bombs and other projectiles were thrown at its officers. The police department said "several dozen" people were arrested. The LAPD noted that knives, pepper spray, and a stungun were confiscated.

One Antifa group was reportedly made a plea on social media to raise funds to bail out "comrades" who were in jail. The @SocalAntifa Twitter account also said the LAPD "have always and will always side with fascists."

Pro-Antifa graffiti defaced buildings near the Wi Spa, including the Los Angeles Housing Authority.

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