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'Woke doctrine': Virginia mom slams anti-Second Amendment school assignment for advancing a 'political agenda'
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'Woke doctrine': Virginia mom slams anti-Second Amendment school assignment for advancing a 'political agenda'

A Fairfax County, Virginia, parent expressed concerns about a recent anti-Second Amendment persuasive essay sample assigned to fifth graders, Fox News Digital reported Monday.

Darcey Geissler, a family law attorney and mother of six, told the news outlet that the school assignment was "a poorly written, factually and legally inaccurate 'essay,' written by an adult parading as a child, being used to once again advance a political agenda."

The essay, which made a case for banning firearms nationwide, was assigned to fifth-grade students. The assignment asked students to analyze the piece from a "neutral perspective" and determine whether it made a convincing argument.

A spokesperson for Fairfax County Public Schools told Fox News Digital that the assignment was a part of a "persuasive writing fifth-grade unit."

The essay argued that Americans do not need to own firearms because "guns cause violence" and "most people live in urban areas where they don't need to hunt."

"Members of the NRA think that banning guns is violating the second amendment, the right to bear arms," the essay read in part. "This is true but what the NRA members don't think about is that this right was established when everyone depended on guns for food, and defending their property."

"Guns were great when the constitution was written, but now they hinder instead of help. We must embrace the changes the future brings us for the common good, and ban guns from our country," the essay concluded.

Geissler argued that the piece was "not a persuasive essay" but an example of indoctrination. She noted that another parent went through the essay and "ripped it apart, both factually and for the writing."

Geissler told the school's principal, "When I was in law school, our first assignment on persuasive writing — a skill necessary to be a lawyer — was on whether or not a misspelling in a deed was sufficient to pass title. Not exactly a sexy or emotional issue. We were not handed Roe v. Wade, the 2nd Amendment, or climate change, even though we were law students with significant education and life experience."

"The reason we were not given hot-button issues when first learning to write was because in order to learn persuasive writing, it is imperative that the skill not be clouded by the issue before the skill is learned," Geissler continued.

Fairfax County Public Schools stated, "Students were asked to analyze this example essay from the neutral perspective of whether this piece of writing presented a convincing argument or not, and why. The school is working closely with the parent who complained about the assignment, so her concerns are addressed."

Geissler said that she believes that schools need to stop focusing on "woke doctrine" and get back to teaching students.

"Adults are unable to handle these issues," Geissler stated. "And so now as opposed to adults being required to talk about them, we are standing behind our children, using them as puppets and using them as a shield to take the attack. They are not equipped to handle these conversations. The school is not even providing balanced support for this."

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