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Reddit user brags about heading to Planned Parenthood to 'purge the two parasites,' 'goblins' inside of her



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In a recent a post on Reddit, a woman discussed with eagerness her alleged upcoming trip to a local Planned Parenthood to "purge the two parasites" — human baby twins — in her womb.

The disturbing story, which Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire argued shows "the dark heart" of the pro-abortion movement, was discovered after a podcast listener alerted Walsh to the post on the subreddit "childfree," a forum where members discuss news of interest to child-free individuals.

According to the forum description, "childfree" refers to those "who do not have and do not ever want children (whether biological, adopted, or otherwise)."

The post, titled, "On my way to Planned Parenthood...." goes like this:

I am on my way to Planned Parenthood to purge the two parasites that somehow implanted into my uterus despite me being on the pill.

I can't f***ing wait to stop being nauseous and throwing up and being unable to keep water down. I can't wait to be rid of this hyperemesis gravidarum that destroyed my Christmas and ruined my [New Year's Eve] and is ruining my life.

I can't f***ing wait to be done with the anxiety of knowing these things are in my uterus and knowing that I will not have to birth dribbling horror goblins, will not have disgusting leaking [breasts], will not go home from the hospital in a nappy and with a sitched [sic] up vagina, I will not have post-partum depression or be left disfigured with stretch-marks. My relationship with my [significant other] will not be ruined.

I am dedicating this double fetus purge to the anti-choice movement because no matter how hard you try, you will not force us to be your handmaids. HAPPY 2020!

In the post, the woman who goes by the username "4amcurfew" calls the twins "dribbling horror goblins" and describes her elation at the thought of being free from the alleged pregnancy health complications that ruined her holidays.

In the story, Walsh noted the hundreds of comments that followed, all "rapturous in their applause and encouragement," and lamented how so many commenters could falsely "assure this mother that murdering her own children will earn her a life of luxury and joy."

Evidently pro-life comments began flooding into the discussion thread, because soon after the Daily Wire published a story on the post, moderators locked the thread for comments.

They did so because of the "sudden influx of pro-forced-birth brigading," one of the moderators said.

The woman, "4amcurfew," has since responded to the story, as well, with another Reddit post celebrating her abortion and new found infamy.

In the post directed at "right wing Anti-Choicers," she doubled down on her decision, saying, "I, the 'dark heart' of the pro-choice movement have no regrets about aborting twin crotch goblins. DIE MAD ABOUT IT."

"I am having a much better life because I had my abortion," she continued. "I'm sorry so many forced birthers don't want to face the uncomfortable truth that motherhood is life destroying for those who don't want to be mothers."


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